Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry

  • Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry
  • Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry
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Model: SY-Allure-1
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Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetrythe allure automatic arm for one monitor allows easy adjustability for your monitor in any direction-in, out, up, down and side to side including adjustment on the pole for sitting or standing while working
Specifications: * Patented Quick Connect allows fast, simple assembly, Also a theft deterrent it requires a tool to disconnect * Each head is independently adjustable, offering 180 of tilt, 180 of side-to-side movement and 360 of landscape-to-portrait movement * Double Extension models allow 20" of back and forth movement. Arm folds back to post for more desk space * The arm swivels 360 around the base, increasing the options for display position * Options are available for some panel systems mounts, wall and slat wall mounting configurations * Pole allows manual height adjustment through a 13" range to accommodate user preferences * Support ring doubles as a cable manager * spring assisted height adjustment for free floating vertical movement through a 6" range, great for moving between sitting and standing positions * Monitor mounting bracket contains both 75mm and 100mm hole patterns to comply with VESA standards * Aluminum die cast components provide stability and durability for displays up to 21"Mounting Options: unit comes with both a clamp and grommet mount slat wall, wall mount and some panel mount options available Finish Options:silver standard, black upon request

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