Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry

  • Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry
  • Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry
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Model: SY-Allure-1
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Allure 1 Ergonomic Monitor Arm by Symmetry

The allure automatic arm for one monitor allows easy adjustability for your monitor in any direction-in, out, up, down and side to side including adjustment on the pole for sitting or standing while working.


Patented Quick Connect allows fast, simple assembly, Also a theft deterrent it requires a tool to disconnect

Each head is independently adjustable, offering 180 of tilt, 180 of side-to-side movement and 360 of landscape-to-portrait movement

Double Extension models allow 20" of back and forth movement. Arm folds back to post for more desk space

The arm swivels 360 around the base, increasing the options for display position

Options are available for some panel systems mounts, wall and slat wall mounting configurations

Pole allows manual height adjustment through a 13" range to accommodate user preferences

Support ring doubles as a cable manager

Spring assisted height adjustment for free floating vertical movement through a 6" range, great for moving between sitting and standing positions

Monitor mounting bracket contains both 75mm and 100mm hole patterns to comply with VESA standards

Aluminum die cast components provide stability and durability for displays up to 21"

Mounting Options:

Unit comes with both a clamp and grommet mount slat wall, wall mount and some panel mount options available

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