Sit To Stand Attachments for Sale

The sit to stand products for sale at encourage healthy operating habits. As we sit for long periods of time, fatigue sets in. When this happens, even the best posture habits can suffer. With an ergonomic sit to stand attachment you can avoid the need for extended sits to improve posture and reduce energy dips. Shop best selling sit to stand workstations and desktop attachments from Systematix, Symmetry Office, and other industry leading brands today. All of the sit to stand products for sale here are approved for commercial use and include free shipping for added value. Take a stand for ergonomics with an adjustable desk attachment designed to keep you active and productive.
Sit To Stand Solutions

Thank you for shopping our selection of ergonomic sit to stand desktop convertors, stools, and surface risers. We're proud to offer sit to stand office products from brands like Systematix, ESI Ergonomic Solutions, and OFM. If you need help outfitting your office space with ergonomic sit to stand products designed to improve posture and reduce fatigue, contact our specialists today at 800-867-1411.


    Systematix Volante Corner Desktop Sit To Stand Workstation

    Volante Corner Sit To Stand Riser by SystematixThe Systematix Volante corner desktop sit to stand workstation encourages continuous movement in the workplace. This versatile desk attachment reduces fatigue, improves posture, and help workers stay active...

    Systematix Volante Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation

    Volante Sit To Stand Desktop Workstation by SystematixKick ergonomic functionality and efficiency into high gear with this best selling desktop sit-stand workstation from Systematix. The Volante desktop workstation easily fits onto a 24" deep desk with...