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Enhance your office space and improve organizing potential with a new executive bookcase to match your furniture. Here you'll find best selling office bookcases for sale from Mayline, Bush, Global, and OFM. Our selection of free shipping bookcases for the home and commercial applications is the best online. Our bookcases match popular office furniture lines to help create fluidity. Purchasing multiple bookcases and components for your project? Contact us today at 800-867-1411 for bulk discount pricing. We are proud to offer designer bookcases for modern and traditional interiors at up to 60% off retail!

Office Bookshelves

Bookshelves have become an unexpected topic of popular discussion over the last few months, and this has a lot to do with the work-from-home (WFH) revolution forced upon us by the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Skype turned into indispensable tools of the trade for employees attending virtual meetings, and we could not help but focus on the backdrops of the video calls, particularly if they included bookshelves or bookcases. Rating the backgrounds of conference calls became an internet pastime; Twitter accounts were created for this purpose, and they proved to be very popular among people who were previously unaware of the sheer design variety available in this particular office furniture piece.

Office Bookshelves Make Your Workplace Come Alive

A strategically placed bookcase or shelving cabinet can tie your office space together. Many office managers agree that bookshelves attract more attention than desks and chairs. Whether you wish to store books, manuals, picture frames, trophies, or decorations, they will always look better on the shelves of a stylish bookcase. Here are three of the most popular office bookshelves in our catalog:

The Safco Mirella Slanted Five-Shelf Unit is our best-selling bookcase, and it is easy to see what makes it so popular. The slanted design created by Safco Mirella is playful, but it does not take away any space or functionality.

You can never go wrong with Offices to Go Superior Executive Bookcase, a classic and conservative styling. This four-shelf bookcase is ideal for a sumptuous corporate suite or for a small office; it can look great in a corner of the room, off to the side, or behind a desk.

Office by Kathy Ireland Echo Bookcase, the famous supermodel turned entrepreneur has teamed up with Bush Office Furniture to design some very attractive pieces such as this Echo bookcase, which can do more than just provide shelving space. The Echo is a space-saving piece of office furniture that includes a desk section plus a storage bin in addition to its five shelves, thus making it perfect for a WFH or home office solution. This piece is available in gray sand or pure white finishing.

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