Leather Office Chairs for Sale

Discount leather office chairs for sale. Save up to 60% on our selections from Office Anything for your executive interior, conference room, and home. We're proud to offer free shipping leather office chairs nationwide. Here you'll find the top 10 best selling leather office chairs from Global, OFM, Eurotech, and other industry-leading brands.

When shopping for a leather office chair, consider the ergonomic features you'll need to operate at peak performance levels. By ergonomics, we refer to how your back and body will fare by sitting all day. Style is important, but comfort reigns supreme.

You also want a chair that will last for a long time, so that you can reduce potential purchases for your office budget. Our team of experts will help you find the best leather office chair for all-day tasking and computing applications.

Affordable Leather Office Seating

We're proud to offer affordable leather office seating for sale. We make sure to provide luxury furniture that fits any budget. Our selection of leather office chairs is the best online because we scout to find the most suitable models. Here you'll find designer office chairs in gray, white, black, and trend-setting tones designed to make your interiors stand out from the competition.

The OFM High Back Leather Manager Chair is one of our bestsellers. Feel like a boss when you try this chair out for the day. Get in a light, dark or neutral color to match any office, either in the comfort of your home or in a professional workplace. Adjust the arms to your liking and rest against the padded back to improve posture.

If you need a more flexible color palette and ergonomic design, the Global Concorde Series Leather Executive Chair comes in sixteen different colors. For a fun office, you can get even bright pink or standard back and white for a neutral aesthetic. Use the push-control buttons to optimize your seating by adjusting your tilt, height, and back angle. The heavy-duty frame ensures that it will serve many employees in the office.

The Mayline Comfort Series Big & Tall Executive Chair is another great option when you want your employees to sit without strain. The high-density foam makes up the cushions, so as to reduce any back pain. You can get ergonomics at a reasonable price, and black matches every office color palette.

Thank you for shopping our selection of professional leather seating solutions. All of the chairs for sale here are available with quantity discounts, price matching, and free shipping. Get your furniture in as soon as two days. We've got a high-quality leather office chair for every need, application, and budget. From the conference room to the executive office, choose Office Anything for your leather seating needs.

Choose Leather Furniture

Leather is a material that boasts of luxury on any occasion. It also is a classic tanned fabric that was used for living room furniture as well as for industrial transportation, in part due to not absorbing scents and proves versatile. In the modern world, we implement leather into furniture that is made to last and look classy.

When you have a leather chair or couch, you have a piece that boasts of high-quality decor. The silky sheen reflects a room’s glow and makes you feel like a millionaire. When you inhale the trademark smell of genuine leather, you get a mood lift from the earthy scent. An office with leather furniture also provides free aromatherapy.

You can also clean the leather surfaces easily. If you spill a drink or sauce on your chair, you can mop it up with the right spray and cloth. By using a regular conditioner, the material will look buff as ever. Even if you want minimal maintenance, leather is built to last. You can eat comfortably at your desk and not worry about crumbs ruining the chair cushions.

Leather also is hypoallergenic. Mesh and fabric run the risk of collecting dust mites or other microscopic air irritants. Even if you spend all your time indoors, someone could introduce pollen to your workspace that causes hay fever. Due to being tanned and waterproof, leather helps reduce the number of allergens that could lead to sneezing fits or irritation.

Find Your Office Furniture At Office Anything

At Office Anything, we want to provide the best possible furniture to match your office decor. We also want to keep your employees comfortable while working and help relax your visitors on various occasions. Our experts know how to match furniture pieces from the same or different brands to find that ideal aesthetic.

Need assistance in selecting the perfect chair for your workspace, or other pieces to match the decor? Contact us for live support. We'll help you buy a popular leather office chair with the ergonomic features needed to improve posture and enhance your interior. If you want more for your home office, or for your employees, we know exactly what will provide that practical and reviving lilt.

  • GL-3767

    Global Auburn Series High Back Executive Chair 3767

    Global Auburn Series High Back Executive Chair 3767The 3767 model Auburn office chair from Global is intended for use in upscale executive interiors. This high back leather office chair boasts scrolled arms, a multi functional ergonomic mechanism, and 5...
  • GL-3767-ALU

    Global Auburn Series High Back Executive Chair 3767-ALU

    Global Auburn Series High Back Executive Chair 3767-ALUThe 3767 model Auburn high back executive chair offers high end executive appeal and exceptional comfort. This luxurious chair is available in a wide range of attractive upholstery options...
  • GL-2850LM-3

    Global Aspen 2850LM-3 Leather Executive Chair

    Global Total Office Aspen Series 2850LM-3 Office ChairThis high back leather office chair from the Global Total Office Aspen seating collection boasts the perfect combination of ergonomic form and function. The model 2850LM-3 Aspen chair features...
  • GL-2851LM-3

    Global Aspen 2851LM-3 Leather Computer Chair

    Global Total Office Aspen Collection Office Chair - 2851LM-3Excellent ergonomic attributes and cutting edge design characteristics make the 2851LM-3 Aspen series office chair the perfect choice for professional tasking, executive office, and boardroom...
  • GL-2852LM-3

    Global Aspen 2852LM-3 Leather Office Chair

    Aspen Series Ribbed Back Leather Office 2852LM-3 by Global Total OfficeThis contemporary ribbed back office chair from the Global Total Office Aspen seating collection boasts exceptional lumbar support, adjustable arms, and a user friendly mechanism that...
  • global concorde chair 2424-18

    Global Concorde Series Leather Executive Chair 2424-18

    Global Concorde Executive Chair 2424-18The model 2424-18 high back 24 hour executive chair with synchro tilter mechanism from the Global Total Office Concorde seating collection comes standard with push button controls and a heavy duty frame that...
  • global concorde high back multi tilter executive chair 2400-18

    Global Total Office Concorde Executive Chair 2400-18

    Global Concorde Executive Chair 2400-18Sit in luxury with this executive high back multi tilter. The Global Total Office model 2400-18 Concorde series executive chair offers top of the line ergonomic features for improved workplace posture. Concorde...
  • GL-2409

    Global Total Office Concorde Presidential Chair 2409

    Global Concorde Presidential Chair 2409The Global Total Office model 2409 Concorde Presidential chair defines luxury in the workplace. As one of the most comfortable office chairs ever created, the Concorde Presidential chair allows users to work in...
  • GL-2676LM-2

    Global Accord High Back Mesh Chair 2676LM-2

    Global Accord Series Office SeatingWhen the average office chair won't cut it, turn to the luxurious seating solutions from the Global Accord collection. The 2676LM-2 model Global Accord chair features a breathable mesh back design that's complimented by...
  • GL-2676LM-4

    Global Accord High Back Mesh Chair 2676LM-4

    2676LM-4 Global Accord Office ChairGlobal Accord seating is perfect for professional boardroom and executive office use. The high back mesh office chairs from the Global Accord collection provide a luxurious sitting experience that's unlike anything on...
  • GL-2677LM-2

    Global Accord Medium Back Mesh Chair 2677LM-2

    Accord Series Mid Back Mesh Office Chair by Global Total OfficeKeep it cool and contemporary with this medium back Global Accord chair from Global Total Office. The model 2677LM-2 Global Accord office chair with mesh back and leather seat is the perfect...
  • GL-2677LM-4

    Global Accord Medium Back Mesh Chair 2677LM-4

    Global Total Office Accord Series Office Chair 2677LM-4With Global Accord seating your conference room will never look better! These top of the line boardroom chairs from Global Total Office provide exceptional comfort with user friendly ergonomic...
  • GL-2678LM-6

    Global Accord Mesh Back Drafting Stool 2678LM-6

    Global Total Office 2678LM-6 Accord Mesh Back Drafting ChairEnjoy the unrivaled appeal, comfort, and support provided by Global Accord seating. This ergonomic drafting chair with adjustable foot ring features a breathable mesh back that's complimented...
  • GL-1902L

    Global Roma Armless Leather Ergonomic Office Chair 1902L

    Global Roma Leather Ergonomic Office Chair 1902LCreate modern appeal while simultaneously improving operational comfort with Global Roma seating. The armless poly back task chair with a leather seat offers a unique look that's sure to make an impression...
  • GL-1903L

    Global Roma Armless Leather Office Chair 1903L

    Global Roma Leather Ergonomic Office Chair 1903LLuxury and comfort combine with this armless office chair from the Global Roma Seating collection. The 1903L model Roma chair features a durable leather seat and back, along with a wide 5 star base for...
  • GL-1907L

    Global Roma Leather Ergonomic Office Chair 1907L

    Global Roma Leather Ergonomic Office Chair 1907LThe professional office seating from the Global Roma collection is highly reviewed and respected. This line of ergonomic task chairs for everyday use offers an unrivaled combination of quality, comfort, and...
  • GL-1908L

    Global Roma Series Leather Task Chair 1908L

    1908L Roma Series Leather Office Chair by GlobalGlobal Roma series office chairs are perfect for tasking. This 1908L Roma chair boasts a leather seat and back that combines with T shaped arms and a 5 star base. Choose from a wide range of attractive...
  • GL-5440LM-1

    Global Obus Ultraforme Ergonomic Office Chair 5440LM-1

    Global Obus Ultraforme Ergonomic Office Chair 5440LM-1A Synchronized Glider mechanism incorporates the benefits of many chair features into one. Feet can stay flat on the floor while tilting, which relieves pressure under the thighs and encourages good...
  • GL-3991

    Global Arturo Executive Chair 3991

    Global Arturo Executive Chair 3991Global Arturo chairs offers exceptional padding and detailed stitching. These upscale seating solutions are intended for use in executive interiors and professional boardrooms.Features:High back design Premium leather,...
  • GL-3992

    Global Arturo Executive Chair 3992

    Global Arturo Executive Chair 3992The Arturo seating collection from Global offers executive style chairs for upscale interiors. With plush cushions and detailed stitching, these office chairs are very high end. The 3992 model Arturo chair is available...
  • GL-3993

    Global Arturo Executive Chair 3993

    Global Arturo Executive Chair 3993The model 3993 Arturo chair from Global offers a low back design with multi functional tilter mechanism. This upscale chair is an excellent option for executive interiors and professional boardrooms. Choose from a...
  • GL-6460LM-4-AN-A7

    Global Luray Executive Leather High Back Office Chair 6460LM

    Global Luray Collection Extended High Back Leather Office ChairThis custom office chair from the Global Luray office seating collection features an executive high back design that's complimented by aluminum arms (AN) and a matching base (A7). This top of...
  • GL-6462LM-4-AN-A7

    Global Luray Medium Back Leather Office Chair 6462LM

    Luray Medium Back Leather Manager's Chair by GlobalThis luxurious medium back manager's chair from the Global Luray office seating collection is available in a wide range of designer color options. The 6462LM Luray chair works great in professional...
  • GL-6462LM-4

    Global Luray Mid Back Leather Conference Chair 6462LM-4

    Global Luray Series Mid Back Executive Conference ChairThis executive leather conference room chair offers unrivaled style and smooth operating. The Luray series 6462LM-4 medium back office chair from Global is ready to impress in a variety of designer...
  • GL-2790LM-4

    Global 2790LM-4 Leather Mirage Chair

    Global Mirage Seating Collection 2790LM-4The Global 2790LM-4 Mirage chair defines success in the workplace.   This professional leather conference chair offers modern style and excellent ergonomic qualities that provide all day comfort.Dimensions:...
  • GL-2791LM-4

    Global 2791LM-4 Mirage Leather Office Chair

    Global Mirage Series Mid Back Office Chair 2791LM-4Create elite executive interiors and professional conference rooms with designer office seating from the Global Mirage Collection. This mid back leather office chair with polished features boasts a multi...
  • GL-3612LM-2

    Global Flexar Series Office Chair 3612LM-2

    Global Flexar Series Office Chair 3612LM-2 Sophistication and styling meet exceptional comfort in this new management seating series. Offering a newly designed loop style arm that pivots at three points as the chair tilts. This new articulating arm...
  • GL-3613LM-2

    Global Flexar Series Office Chair 3613LM-2

    Global Flexar Series Office Chair 3613LM-2 Sophistication and styling meet exceptional comfort in this new management seating series. Offering a newly designed loop style arm that pivots at three points as the chair tilts. This new articulating arm...