Office Stools for Sale

Whether you work from home or still meet in a traditional office space, a good solid stool is an excellent addition to your current lineup. You can find everything from classic bar-style office stools to ultra-modern examples that have more in common with extremely classy chairs.

Styles of Office Stools on the Market

Have a look at these following different styles of office stools and imagine them in your own home or business. Chances are that there’s something here to fit into almost any decor.

Janis Ribbed Back Adjustable Height Stool

Woodstock Marketing provides this example of what a rather high-tech stool might look like. It offers a full-sized ribbed back as well as a height adjustment that resembles those installed on the best office chairs available today. Since it’s offered in five different colors, you can feel free to match it with almost any type of interior design paradigm.

ESI Birdi Ergonomic Perching Stool

By offering this minimalist design, ESI has ensured that those who would prefer to perch rather than fully sit can always get a seat. Some people have suggested that this style of seating might actually have some benefits associated with it, which have helped to make these an attractive option for those dealing with some types of ergonomic issues.

KI Apply High Back Armless Cafe Stool

There are those who would much prefer a traditional layout to each piece of furniture they invest in, and this is an excellent choice for those who do. That being said, this high back restaurant-style stool doesn’t sacrifice anything in the way of Mid-century Modern design, and it resembles some of those pieces that you might normally only get a glimpse of in industrial design manuals.

Thrive Adjustable Standing Desk Stool

Designers from Bush Business Furniture have also worked to help potentially solve some ergonomic problems that people may have when seated at work. This adjustable stool allows you to sit comfortably while at a workstation, which makes it an alternative for those who might otherwise have elected for a standing desk or some kind of gadget that raises and lowers whatever it is that they’re working on. Most importantly, it meets or exceeds all relevant ANSI/BIFMA standards related to safety as well as performance.

RFM Height Adjustable Drafting Stool

Drafting has traditionally been a pretty demanding task, which is why you need a comfortable stool if you plan on doing anything resembling it. This is the perfect option for those who plan on working at a particular station for long periods of time. Digital artists, consultants, technical writers, and other similar types of professionals will find it comfortable enough for their tasks because it provides a healthy amount of support regardless of how long they have to spend at their desks. Best of all, it makes it easy for them to stand up periodically so they can get a little extra relief. Everyone has different furniture preferences, and you can tell our team more about yours by contacting Office Anything online with our form.