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Shop fashionable guest reception tables for sale. We're proud to offer reception area accent tables with free shipping. Here you'll find designer coffee tables and end tables that match from OFM, Global, Modway, and other industry leading brands. Our selection of modern reception tables for commercial applications includes glass, wood, and mid century inspired options designed to earn your interior an abundance of compliments. If you're purchasing a combination of reception seating and matching tables, please contact our team direct for bulk discount pricing.
Designer Reception Tables

Use new office reception tables to accent your seating and welcome desk to perfection. Best selling reception table styles include glass, metal, and wood variations from brands like Global Total Office, Mayline, and Modway today. From reception area coffee tables to end tables that double as magazine racks, offers affordable accent tables for sale online that will improve aesthetic appeal and the customer experience.

Thank you for shopping reception tables online at We're proud to offer 100's of best selling reception chairs to accompany the reception tables you've found here. All of our reception area furniture includes free shipping for added value.

If you'd like help selecting new tables for an office reception area makeover project, please contact our design specialists direct at 800-867-1411. We'll provide you with our top 10 best selling reception tables and product suggestions that will make your interior pop. With hundreds of styles available, we've got tables for every need and budget.

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  • MOD-EEI-259-BLK

    Modway Absorb Collection Contemporary Black Coffee Table

    Absorb Coffee Table by ModwayThe Modway Absorb coffee table boasts a blend of contemporary black surfaces with silver metal trim. This designer coffee table is perfect for upscale home and office waiting areas.Table Dimensions:43.5"L x 23.5"W x 14"H Live...
  • MOD-EEI-1201-BRN

    Modway Bracket 3 Shelf Rustic-Industrial Side Table EEI-1201

    Blox 2 Piece Coffee Table Set by ModwayHow about something a little new a different for your guest welcoming area? This fashionable 3 shelf accent table with a rustic-industrial look provides ample storage space and a unique look that's sure to earn your...
  • MOD-EEI-2649-BRN

    Modway Camp Fashionable Wood Coffee Table EEI-2649

    Camp Brown Wood Coffee Table by ModwayThe EEI-2649 model Camp coffee table from Modway offers a fashionable look with it's unique design. This intricate brown wood coffee table offers the perfect blend of modern at retro characteristics.Table...
  • MOD-EEI-177-CLR

    Modway Casper 3 Piece Nesting Accent Tables Set EEI-177

    Casper Nesting Tables by ModwayThis set of 3 clear nesting tables for the living room and office reception area provides a unique modern look. The Casper tables set from Modway is a great way to provide guests with table space without utilizing a ton of...
  • MOD-EEI-2648-BRN

    Modway Diverge Brown Wood Coffee Table with Polished Legs

    Diverge Coffee Table by ModwayA fashionable coffee table will do wonders for your interior. This Diverge collection table from Modway offers a unique look with a wood surface and polished metal legs. A matching side table is also available from this...
  • MOD-EEI-2647-BRN

    Modway Diverge Wood Top Side Table with Polished Legs

    Diverge End Table by ModwayThe Diverge furniture collection from Modway offers the fashionable accent tables needed to rock your remodel. This designer end table boasts an attractive wood top with polished metal legs. Add the matching coffee table to...
  • MOD-EEI-2007-BRN

    Modway Drive Vintage Style Side Table EEI-2007

    Drive Rustic End Table by ModwayShow off your design ingenuity with a cool side table from Modway. This EEI-2007 model Drive end table with a rustic vibe is sure to do the trick. With a circular wood top and attractive brown base, the Drive table offers...
  • MOD-EEI-2094-SLV

    Modway Duct Set of 3 Silver Side Tables That Nest EEI-2094

    Duct Nesting Accent Tables by ModwayUse this set of 3 nesting side tables from the Modway Duct collection to make an impression on your guests. Nesting accent tables can be used individually as needed, then stored underneath one another to save space...
  • MOD-EEI-2107-SLV

    Modway Etch Collection Stylish Glass Side Table EEI-2107

    Etch Designer Side Table by ModwayAnother fashionable find from Modway! The EEI-2107 model Etch side table is ready to wow your visitors with a contemporary silver frame and glass top. This popular accent table provides an unrivaled combination of appeal...
  • MOD-EEI-1067-CLR

    Modway Gossamer 27.5" Clear Side Table EEI-1067

    Gossamer Side Table by ModwayThis clear side table from the Modway Gossamer collection boasts a polycarbonate base and tempered glass surface. The contemporary look of this fashionable table crafted by Modway is sure to earn your remodel the accolades it...
  • MOD-EEI-270

    Modway Lippa Mid Century Wood Side Table with Black Base

    Lippa EEI-270 Side Table by ModwayModway side tables are perfect for home and business use. This EEI-270 model Lippa collection round top accent table features a wood surface that pairs perfectly with a black mid century modern cylinder base.Table...
  • MOD-EEI-280

    Modway Lippa Modern Marble Side Table EEI-280

    Lippa Accent Table by ModwayThis fashionable modern side table with a round marble top is nothing short of impressive. The EEI-280 model Lippa accent table is perfect for home living room, lobby, and waiting room use.Table Dimensions:19.5"L x 19.5"W x 19...
  • MOD-EEI-271-WHI

    Modway Lippa White Side Table EEI-271

    Modway Lippa Series White Accent TableThe tables from the Modway Lippa collection offer a distinctive blend of modern and contemporary appeal. This fashionable white side table boasts a cylindrical style base and spacious circular surface.Table...
  • MOD-EEI-261-BLK

    Modway Open Box Side Table EEI-261

    EEI-261 Open Box Accent Table by ModwayThe EEI-261 model Open Box side table from Modway is perfect for modern interiors. A blend of black surfaces and silver frame accents make this designer table a focal point of any interior without being too over the...
  • MOD-EEI-2104-SLV

    Modway Pipe Stainless Steel Console Table EEI-2104

    Modway Model EEI-2104 Pipe Stainless Accent TableThis modern console table from Modway makes the perfect addition to any waiting room. The EEI-2104 Pipe table boasts a durable stainless frame and elegant look that's sure to generate an abundance of...
  • MOD-EEI-509

    Modway Plywood Coffee Table EEI-509 (3 Finish Options!)

    Plywood Coffee Table by ModwayThe rustic look is in! This EEI-509 model Plywood coffee table from Modway is an absolute winner for home, lobby, and reception area use. Three designer finishes options are available to compliment your interior.Table...
  • MOD-EEI-2092-WAL

    Modway Polaris Walnut Finished Mid Century Wood Side Table

    Modway Polaris Side Table EEI-2092The EEI-2092 model Polaris series walnut finished wood side table offers a unique mid century look. This designer end table even boasts an integrated magazine rack.Table Dimensions:14"L x 28"W x 15.5"H Live Support:...
  • MOD-EEI-2091-WAL

    Modway Polaris Wood Coffee Table with Walnut Finish EEI-2091

    Polaris Wood Coffee Table by ModwayThe EEI-2091 model Polaris wood coffee table from Modway serves as a valuable accent to any waiting room and doubles as a magazine holder. This mid century modern coffee table with a walnut wood finish is a dual purpose...
  • MOD-EEI-2095-SLV

    Modway Press Modern Wall Accent Table EEI-2095

    Press Wall Accent Table by ModwayThe Modway EEI-2095 model Press table is perfect for home and business use. It's easy to picture this fashionable accent table in professional lobby and waiting room environments. The Press table can also serve as a...
  • MOD-EEI-260

    Modway Prism Contemporary Glass Coffee Table EEI-260

    EEI-260 Prism Coffee Table by ModwayImagine the response you'll get from your valued office visitors with this fashionable glass coffee table in your waiting room. The EEI-260 model Prism table from Modway is distinctively bold and sure to make a lasting...
  • MOD-EEI-1213-BRN

    Modway Provision Contemporary Coffee Table EEI-1213

    Provision Coffee Table by ModwayThis designer coffee table with a mid century modern look is ready to impress even the harshest critics. The Modway EEI-1213 model Provision table blends a silver metal frame with a rustic brown wood top. Use this table...
  • MOD-EEI-1214-BRN

    Modway Provision Contemporary End Table with Wood Surface

    Provision Side Table EEI-1214 by ModwayThis polished silver side table with a wood top offers a distinctive blend of modern and traditional appeal. The EEI-1214 model Provision end table by Modway is perfect for home, guest reception, and waiting room...
  • MOD-EEI-2099-SLV

    Modway Rail Stainless Steel Nesting Accent Tables EEI-2099

    Rail Stainless Steel Nesting Tables by ModwayThe nesting side tables from the Modway Rail collection are cool, contemporary, and versatile. This set of 3 end tables provides exceptional surface space and value.Table Dimensions:(Large)20"L x 20"W x 21...
  • MOD-EEI-2105-BLK

    Modway Shadow Glass Top Accent Table EEI-2105

    Shadow Accent Table EEI-2105 by ModwayThis fashionable accent table from Modway boasts a circular design with a glass top. The EEI-2105 Shadow collection table is perfect for lobby, living room, and lobby use.Table Dimensions:29.5"L x 29.5"W x 17.5"H...
  • MOD-EEI-1438-SLV

    Modway Signet Circular Glass Top Coffee Table EEI-1438

    Signet Modern Glass Coffee Table by ModwayAccent tables should be used to make an impression without overpowering your furniture. This EEI-1438 model Signet coffee table from Modway is the perfect option. The circular design and contemporary legs look...