Symmetry Dome Style Adjustable Desk Lamp

  • Symmetry Dome Style Adjustable Desk Lamp
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Model: SY-Dome-DT
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Symmetry Aurora Series Desktop LED Lamp

Streamlined and sophisticated, the Aurora Dome Task Light is functional, eco-friendly, and embodies a simple aesthetic elegance, compromising neither form nor function.

With a variety of colors to choose from, the Aurora Dome complements any decor. Its solid construction and metal components are durable and long-lasting, as are the LEDs that cast brilliant white light.


Simple, classic, timeless design

360-degree swivel head

Color temperature 4000 kelvin, color rendering 85 250 lumens, 6.5 Watts Estimated 50,000 hours of continuous life

Light area: 36" diameter

Finish: silver aluminum finish with black power cord

360 degree rotation at base

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