X-Chair X-Wheel Blade Casters

  • clear non locking x-chair blade casters
  • black non locking x-chair blade casters
  • clear locking x-chair blade casters
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X-Chair X-Wheel Casters

X-Wheel Blade Casters represent a breakthrough in seating technology and comfort. Just like a building, a chair is only as good as its foundation; and like a person, core stability is the key to health. The wheels on your chair are the foundation that creates core stability and leads to healthy, smooth, ergonomic movement. Featuring 100% rubberized blade wheels and a free ball-bearing core, X-Wheel Blade Casters are quieter and smoother. They work better on hardwood and pile carpet alike, and they are more gentle on tile, hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and almost any surface. Ball-bearing swivels spin easily, preventing scuffing and scratching. And they look great! Simply put, for a small investment you can upgrade your chair's performance and enhance your seating experience.

Available Styles:

Clear Non-Locking

Black Non-Locking

Clear Locking

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