3 Best Home Office Desks for Working Remotely

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jun 22nd 2020

When working remotely, the right kind of furniture can increase your productivity. Especially as recent events are forcing office employees to stay at home and clock in work through their computers, they need a viable space that can handle their personal life and professional one. That way they can maintain productivity and deliver projects on time, ensuring that there is less stress despite the circumstances.

A good desk can ground an employee, to provide stability in the most uncertain times. If you are buying furniture for a remote team, then you want to ensure that everyone is comfortable and efficient. When you are buying for yourself or a loved one, then you want to consider if a desk can pull double-duty for work projects, schoolwork in the case of students, and even occasional leisure.

Best Desks For Home Office Spaces

Generally, you want a desk that is durable, can support the equipment you need for a day job or other activities and provides an ideal height. They also need to fit in the designated working space, large or small, and handle either natural light sources or bulbs. Ideally, you want desks designed for ergonomics, to increase productivity by encouraging better posture and movement.

1. Mayline Aberdeen Ergonomic Executive Desk for Home Office Space

We like the Mayline Aberdeen Ergonomic Executive Furniture Set as one example of good ergonomics. It is height-adjustable, has plenty of room for equipment and storing documents, and push control buttons for utmost efficiency. The credenza and hutch also will create delightful backgrounds for video calls that reflect your professional life.

2. Flash Furniture Height Adjustable Home Office Desk

If you prefer a smaller desk that can accommodate yourself and other family members, try out the Flash Furniture Height Adjustable Multi-Purpose Station. It can hold laptops and smaller desktops, with clamps to ensure additional stability. The floor glides allow for portability, in the case that you need to move the desk during other hours. Set at different heights depending on the remote worker or student using it.

3. Bush Business Furniture Series Sit to Stand at Home Desk

Sitting to standing desks are another option for those that want to add more movement. Use these only for fifteen to thirty minutes at a time, to prevent unnecessary strain during the day. The Bush Business Furniture Series C Elite 60W 3 Position Sit to Stand L Desk also comes with a file cabinet for storage. It is designed for space efficiency and scratch resistance. Lock your standing heights with the attached mechanisms and organize wires as deemed necessary.

Improve Your Work Environment With Office Anything Furniture

Office Anything wants to help business executives, managers, and employees with remote working and achieving a better balance. We have spent many years keeping up to date on office furniture trends that balance aesthetics with physical demands. As a work-life balance becomes more uncertain, we can provide the desks and chairs to stabilize you.

Contact us today to get advice from our furniture specialists. Office Anything is ready to assist you with working from home. Let us add some physical support and ergonomics to help you get through the standard day.