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The Lesro collection offers high quality guest reception area seating in addition to powered tables for conference and waiting room use. Lesro chairs are available in multiple sizes and styles to meet the needs of any guest welcoming area makeover project. Lesro conference room tables are designed to improve collaboration while simultaneously enhancing corporate appeal. If you'd like help remodeling your office with Lesro furniture, contact our team directly at 800-867-1411.

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Your workspace can feel inspiring or draining, all depending on how the furniture and decor are set-up. But with so many options on the market, how do you find a brand in which inspiration is a part of product design?

No problem. Lesro Industries builds functional and fashionable furniture for every reception area, from the humble to the awe-inspiring.

That way, you can design a warm, inviting space that is as comfortable for your employees as it is for your guests. Below, you can find an expansive selection of Lesro’s most popular pieces — each curated by the office furniture specialists at!

Lesro Office Furniture

Lesro Industries specializes in the provision of high-quality reception seating and conference room tables. This industry-leading brand crafts professional reception chairs, guest benches, and personal tables, all in designer upholstery and finish options.

To find the best furniture for your welcome area, we find that it’s easiest to inhabit the shoes of your target customers and diligent staff. Imagine yourself walking into your business: what greets your eyes? Is it modern and comfortable, or outdated and rigid?

Imagine yourself working at the reception desk all day. Are the chairs, tables, and desks conducive to productivity, or do you find yourself struggling to work in spite of your environment?

Lesro Seating for Your Business

Lesro offers a variety of reception seating collections to meet the needs of any space. From modern to traditional, Lesro reception chairs are a must for any reception area remodeling project.

Industry professionals and interior designers love the versatility provided by Lesro seating lines. Best of all, at, you’ll find superior-quality Lesro reception chairs at over 50% off retail!

Lesro Conference Tables

Conference tables from Lesro furniture, and particularly the power-ready collections like Mystic make it easy for your meeting area guests to collaborate in style. With surface-installed power modules, you can take your strategizing sessions to the next level.

Lesro conference tables are offered in a variety of sizes and popular shapes to meet the needs of any space. In fact, components for these conference rooms are available in attractive wood and laminate finishes to match any professional decor.

Lesro Chairs

The Willow line of office chairs from Lesro Furniture is perfect for those who are looking for an affordable, yet stylish option. With a wide variety of colors and fabrics to choose from, you can find the perfect Willow chairs to match your space. The Willow line also offers multiple upholstery and frame finish options to maximize your ability to personalize your space!

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At, we’re proud to offer the entire line of Lesro furniture for sale with free shipping. Additionally, all of the Lesro Furniture and seating for sale here is available with bulk discount pricing for added savings.

If you’d like help designing a professional guest reception area with Lesro chairs and furniture, then you’ve found the right place. For free color swatches and space planning assistance, reach out to our team today.