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The Silicon Valley industry has impacted the fabric of business in various ways. In addition to creating tech startup culture, venture capital investing, and agile development of products and services, Silicon Valley also introduced workplace trends such as open office floor plans. Open floor plans did away with several decades of workstation cubicles; however, this trend pretty much came to an end in 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic.

Reconsidering Office Cubicles in the Modern Workplace

At OfficeAnything, we are seeing a strong resurgence of orders being placed for office cubicles, but we can also tell you that there is more than just the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic behind this trend. Several research studies have been conducted on the impact of open office plans, and the conclusions indicate that they are not the best fit for every workplace; this explains why some companies are reverting to cubicles for at least some of their operations.

If you are not able to fully operate with all of your office staff members working from home, it makes perfect sense to set up their workstations with cubicles as well as sneeze guard partitions. This will have to be the new way of running the office until we can ascertain our future through working COVID-19 vaccines and effective treatments. With this in mind, here are some office cubicle options you may be interested in:

Safco Roam Touchdown Workstation

This is a very affordable, quick, and dirty solution for an office that needs to be set up right away. When you need private workstations that provide personal protection and can be relocated in a pinch, the Safco Roam will be one of your best options.

Bush Office in an Hour

Some workers will need more cubicle space than others; this is when the Office in an Hour cubicle workstation comes in handy. The two panels and long desk surface makes it possible to set up two large monitor screens or provide ample space for reviewing blueprints.

Global Wellness Screening and Consultation Booths

While office managers can establish COVID-19 testing and protection procedures for their staff members, what about workplaces that deal with outside customers and the public? Since it is unreasonable to test everyone coming into an office, the Wellness Screening and Consultation Booth from Global is a reasonable solution that provides excellent protection for workers as well as customers, partners, patients, and patrons.

Bush ProPanels Four-Person Cubicles

With these modular partition panels, you only need to provide the office furniture in order to complete the individual workstations. The maximum desk surface that can be fit into each panel is 48 inches wide by 36 inches deep. This is a commercial-grade office furniture model that will last for decades.

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At OfficeAnything, every single purchase is delivered for free. We have been doing business since 1995, a time when office cubicles were very popular in the American workplace, and we are still here at a time when cubicles are coming back for the aforementioned reasons. Please contact our office with any questions about our products or about our shipping policies.