Break Room Tables for Sale

Professional break room tables for sale. Discount break room tables with free shipping. Shop best price break room tables from Mayline, Global, and OFM. Here you'll find popular round, square, and peanut shaped break room tables at over 60% off retail.

Break Room Tables for Sale

Break room tables enhance the hospitality of your office breakroom. Your staff can rest, recharge, and reorient themselves, which boosts productivity and improves customer service.

At, we offer an expansive collection of professional break room tables for sale. In fact, you can discover discount tables with free shipping in our diverse catalog!

Here, you’ll find popular styles, including round, square, and peanut-shaped tables at over 60% off retail prices. Shop for the most economical break room tables from the most popular brands in the industry, including Mayline, Global, and OFM.

Modern Break Room Furniture

Let’s own it: our employees must take breaks. Sometimes, they can enjoy them at their desks, with meditation or stretching.

Other times, they’ll need to get up and walk around to re-energize and prevent an energy crash. An employee that can step back from their work to grab a snack or a quick meal returns to their projects reinvigorated and more enthusiastic.

The modern breakroom can serve many needs, from providing free coffee — an absolute necessity for today’s workforce — to having appropriately sized tables for lunch. You must support morale so that your employees are fueled to give one hundred and ten percent!

The Benefits of the Right Table for a Modern Office Breakroom

A kitchenette enables employees to store their food, use office utensils, and clean up before returning to work. Modern breakroom furniture helps in setting the atmosphere for employees, from cafeteria round tables to long benches that you might find at a picnic.

Restaurant cafe tables can add an ambiance of luxury, suggesting that your employees are receiving only the best. Round surfaces or long tables help coworkers socialize in comfort, to discuss their assignments, and to build stronger relationships.

This means they’re more likely to cooperate with each other and assist their managers. When shopping for the right modern breakroom furniture, consider your goals and the unique needs of your staff.

Modern Break Room Table and Chair Sets

Our wide selection of business tables are certain to serve all of your needs. We prioritize delivering high-quality tables and chairs to your doorstep that add variety to your arrangements.

With a safe space to which they can retreat in a busy day, employees genuinely feel like they’re on a break. To facilitate this, you can design your breakroom with a specific aesthetic in mind, helping to transport your staff to a more peaceful place.

Breakroom Ideas that Help Your Staff to Escape the Day

Are you looking to emulate a vacation in Paris, sipping coffee over croissants and madeleines? Then the Mayline 36″ Bistro Table is the furniture for your breakroom.

It comes in three colors to allow for a more flexible furniture arrangement against different color palettes. Even better, laminated surfaces simplify clean-up for your maintenance crews.

For a small, round cafe table, the KFI Proof Round Bar Height Table is the ideal choice. Five different wooden finishes, and the choice between a silver or black frame finish, empowers exceptional personalization!

Breakroom tables serve a variety of needs…

However, you may require larger furniture with greater functionality. In that case, the perfect choice is the KFI Standing Height Midtown Collaborative Table.

Available with power, your staff can plug in their devices to stay connected. Because it’s a standing-height table, employees can move from sitting to standing as they collaborate or socialize.

Meanwhile, the KFI 8′ Midtown Counter Height Collaborative Table is perfect for large groups sitting down to take breaks, and it comes in light and dark finishes. If you celebrate birthdays, baby showers, and holidays, the table’s wide space allows for easy food distribution.

Break room tables should also be stylish and comfy…

For melding the professional and comfortable in one arrangement, the Mayline Stainless Steel Bar Height Bistro Table melds the two for breaks and meetings.

A steel frame promises durability, while plastic guards on the legs ensure that your wooden floors won’t get scratched.

These are good for creating formal intimacy, an aura of respectful elegance.

Offer the Best so that Your Employees can Rest

When your workers have the time and space to catch their breath and grab a bite to eat, they work harder and with more loyalty. The perfect breakroom achieves relaxation through its design, empowering greater productivity out of the week so that your business won’t fall behind.

The Most Popular Office Breakroom Tables are Right Here

All of the break room tables for sale here include free nationwide furniture shipping. Additionally, most shipping is completed in less than 48 hours, so you can order and arrange efficiently.

Best of all, many of our easy-to-clean break room tables are available with price matching. These tables can work in a breakroom, and employers can move them easily into offices for important meetings. It’s made-to-order and highly convenient.

We’re happy to help your business create a functional break room table and chair configuration to meet your individual needs and space requirements. With new break room tables from, you’ll be able to create collaborative gathering areas that are up-to-date with the latest trends.

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Thank you for shopping break room tables for sale. Our experts are happy to provide breakroom furniture ideas and arrangements for large and small spaces.

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