Mid-Back Office Chairs

Not all chairs offer the right design and level of comfort required for office work. Some office chairs offer height adjustability and lumbar support for proper posture; these are ergonomic office chairs ideal for individuals who are expected to spend long hours sitting at their workstations. Professionals who meet with other staff members in their offices will need a more casually comfortable chair. Incall centers with rotating shifts, you will need chairs with adjustable seat height.

Find Your Comfortable Chair at Office Anything

Whether you need an ergonomic chair for your home office or multiple ergonomic office chairs for a call center, chances are that you will find them in the Office Anything online catalog. Our great selection of mid-back office chairs includes leather, fabric, and mesh models. Here are some of our most popular items:

Offices to Go Luxhide Executive Chair

Although high-back chairs are typically found in executive offices, they are not always the most comfortable choice. If your daily office routine involves getting up from your chair often, the Luxhide Executive from Offices to Go is a more sensible option. These chairs are perfect for conference rooms, and their mock leather trimming along with ribbed design provides an upscale look.

Modway Proceed Mesh Chair

Here’s another chair inspired by the Herman Miller Aeron chair; it is ergonomic, looks great, and is affordable enough for office managers who need to make multiple purchases. Everything you need to adjust the chair and make it more comfortable is included in the Modway Proceed: tilt tension, swivel, and seat height.

iDesk Oroblanco

If you are looking for an Aeron-like chair that combines height adjustability, lumbar support, adjustable seat height, and plenty of styles, the mesh iDesk Oroblanco will not only look great in your office but also encourage proper posture through ergonomics. This modern chair is highly recommended for software developers and coders.

Global Kate Series

By virtue of the sector they are in, the type of work they do, and the clients they serve, some companies are expected to project a certain image. The Global Kate Series of made-to-order conference room chairs is a highly fashionable collection that evokes the elegance of office life in the middle of the 20th century. If you want your conference room to look very stylish, look no further than this series.

Flash Furniture Computer Chair

This semi ergonomic chair will not look out of place in the room of a computer gaming enthusiast. With nice touches such as breathable mesh, adjustments, modern armrests, and solid casters, this chair is surprisingly durable and affordable.

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Since 1995, Office Anything has been providing clients with everything they need to make their workplaces more attractive, efficient, and ergonomic. In addition to chairs, we also offer cubicles, dividers, and items to set up collaborative benching workstations. Please get in touch with our office if you have any questions about our products.