Bistro Tables for Sale

Save up to sixty percent on dining and bar height bistro tables today. You won’t have to worry about poor quality over lunch breaks or holiday parties. Office Anything offers best selling bistro tables for sale from Mayline, OFM, and Global. Here you'll find commercial quality bistro tables with free shipping.

Our popular bistro tables are available with matching chairs and stools designed to complete your makeover project on a budget. Choose ones that can add extra units for large groups of people, or electric panels for work presentations. All of the bistro tables for sale here are available with bulk discount pricing for added value. Receive your orders in as soon as 48 hours.

Round Tall Bistro Tables for Different Purposes

Bring the feel of a luxury coffee shop to your workplace with the right furniture. Round, tall bistro tables have various functions, from allowing people to relax in the breakroom to accommodating taller employees. You can sip a quick cup of coffee in the morning or offer water to an interview candidate while using these tables.

Consider the Global Bakhita Round Bistro Height Table. Global designed this table for both indoor and outdoor use, with a weather-resistant frame and surface. They’re easy to wipe clean and come with matching stools or stacked chairs. Use for a reception area, to host guests.

For laminated tables, the Mayline 30" Round Stainless Steel Bistro Table is another fun option. These are versatile for use in work breakrooms, cafeterias, and other eateries. With a heavy-duty structure, easy assembly, and available in neutral colors, it will win over your employees or coworkers.

Square Bistro Table Set for Outdoors And More

When you want a table perfect for outside seating, then look no further than here. You want to aim for comfort so that employees can enjoy the sun while either listening to a presentation or enjoying their lunch.

The Mayline 36" Square Bar Height Bistro Table is wonderful for outdoor sitting. This table is made of cast-iron and can be upgraded with a foot-ring so that employees can lean back and prop up their shoes. It assembles easily and comes in various sizes.

To match a bright-colored panel, try out the Global Bakhita Square Multi-Purpose Table. Use indoors and outdoors, and it is quite portable. Pair up with similar tables, chairs and stools.

Convenient Commercial Bistro Tables Used For Various Occasions

Bistro tables are for more than a work dining table or outdoor space. You can also use them to add comfort to visitors or host events with entire companies. Prepare for any group picnic or competition, and even ensure that your interview candidates are comfortable during the day.

One such example is the OFM Endure Series 9012 Powered Table with Stool Seats, which is made for large parties. This OFM walnut table also offers the option to sit or stand while working at it. Decide if you want brown or white, walnut or metal seats, for neutral color options. The dry-erase top allows for instructors to dictate important bullet points or allow listeners to take notes.

Thank you for shopping for bistro tables. You will find exactly what you need for a reception area, breakroom, or kitchen. Office Anything is proud to offer discount bistro tables from Global, Bush Business Furniture, and Mayline. Each brand knows how to deliver value and luxury design in each piece of furniture. All of our best selling bistro tables are available with free nationwide shipping for added value.

Improve Your Small Spaces With Office Anything

Office Anything is ready to improve your office furniture and kitchen dining. We specialize in the newest modern trends, from ergonomic desks to coffee tables. The bistro tables for sale here are offered in popular sizes and shapes to meet the needs of any project. Free finish samples are available upon request, and we can match any color palette.

If you'd like assistance in selecting new bistro tables for your space, contact our team to find the perfect indoor or outdoor furniture. We'll provide you with dining and bar height bistro table ideas, in addition to the space planning tips needed to get the most out of your available square footage.