Sit to Stand Desk Risers

If you spend your workday sitting at a computer, fatigue can easily set in. Sitting for long periods of time can deplete your energy, ruin your posture and decrease productivity. On the other hand, standing all day can put stress on your knees and feet. Sit to stand desk risers from let you balance the two and create healthy work habits. These attachments give you the ability to easily turn a sitting desk into a standing one when you need it, increasing your energy and keeping you active. We carry sit to stand desk risers from all the top brands, including Safco, OFM and ESI. You're sure to find the right riser to fit your desk space and needs.

Sit to Stand Risers with Keyboard Trays

Our selection of affordable desk risers includes many options with designated keyboard trays. These versatile attachments quickly switch between sitting and standing, letting you change your position to increase blood flow and comfort. Ergonomic options that come with adjustable keyboard trays offer healthy angles to help protect your wrists while typing and scrolling. Some of these desk risers even feature a shelf for convenient and versatile storage.

Sit to Stand Attachments with Monitor Mounts

If you’re short on space, a sit to stand riser with a monitor mount is the perfect ergonomic solution. Many sit to stand attachments feature a large top platform to hold a monitor stand or a laptop, which can take up a lot of desk space. Risers with monitor mounts, however, have sleek designs featuring a center pole for attaching your screen and a slim platform for your keyboard and mouse. We even have dual monitor mounts for those who need multiple screens.

Sit to Stand Desk Risers with Special Features

Many of our sit to stand attachments can do much more than just move positions. For example, we carry an electric workstation from Safcp that has a remote control and programmable presets to make it even easier for you to switch between sitting and standing. We also carry sit to stand risers with USB charging ports, outlets, phone and tablet slots and more! Shop our full selection of affordable desktop risers to see all we have to offer.