Standing Office Tables

Take a look at our discount standing tables for sale. We want to ensure you have the proper ergonomics for your office and to improve productivity. Get free shipping on standing-height tables from Safco, Global Total Office, OFM, and other industry-leading brands.

Bar Height Conference Tables For Office Or Breakroom Areas

Our selection of best selling standing tables online is unmatched. Office Anything curates from the highest-quality luxury furniture brands to deliver you these products. We’re pleased to offer popular ergonomic standing tables with power-ready surfaces. When you offer the option to customers, they are very pleased to have the choice. Check all of the warranty policies to see which one suits you and which will change sedentary lifestyles.

Size can also be large or small, depending on your room arrangements. Consider the Mayline Stainless Steel 36″ Bar Height Bistro Table. Its frame is designed for break rooms, cafeterias, and small dining settings. It has a quick assembly and a durable stainless steel base.

Another option is the Mayline Round Bistro Table at bar height. This one has a cast iron base, another durable material. Add an optional foot-ring for tired employees,

Streamline your important meetings and group strategy sessions. When everyone sits for team projects, they should have the utmost comfort and practical arrangements. That includes adjusting the height for standing options. Find the best collaborative standing table for your small and large office areas today.

Great Selection Of Standing Height Office Tables With Power

A standing table will help you collaborate, gather, and strategize effectively in the workplace. It takes a step beyond adjustable-height furniture. Are you designing a multi-media boardroom or cutting edge break room? Our new standing tables for sale are up for the challenge.

We like the Global Zira Standing D-Island Media Table when you want a power option. It is designed for a small team of users, in the case that space is scarce. Global makes this furniture to order. Customize your power options as needed.

The OFM Model 9004 Endure Series Standing Height 4 Seat Table with Power is also comfortable and practical for the office. Swivel seats allow for flexibility, and you can match them to other units. The walnut top is classic, while a dry-erase board is good for covering team projects and exercises.

When selecting a standing-height table for your business, effective space planning is a must. You’ll want to provide your valuable office visitors with approximately 3′ of operating space to avoid overcrowding.

Ergonomically Correct Standing Tables

Office Anything offers discount standing height tables for collaboration. That way you can work as a team and with utmost comfort. Your team will appreciate it as well. We supply best selling standing tables designed to encourage continuous movement in the workplace while simultaneously improving corporate appeal.

You’ll find ergonomic standing tables from reputable office brands such as:

  • Safco
  • Global
  • OFM

We are proud to offer stand-up tables for conferences, boardrooms, and training applications. Certain items can be connected with matching furniture from the same brand. All of our popular standing tables include free shipping for added value.

Selections include this Zira standing media table with optional power from Global. Choose from sixteen different laminated finishes that are stain and scratch-resistant. There are also six table sizes to suit any arrangements. Customize your power options and contact the manufacturer about it. Then you can enhance your presentations.

Shop Standing Height Tables At Office Anything

Office Anything offers affordable standing tables backed by factory warranties that ensure quality. Our heavy-duty metal, durable laminate, and modern standing tables are ready for the demands of everyday use. We have specialists on hand that keep up to date on furniture trends.

Need help creating a designing an office common area with collaborative standing tables that won’t break your remodeling budget? Contact our team of ergonomic furniture specialists directly to get tips on furniture arrangement to boost morale.