New In 2020: Diem Chair by KI

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jan 9th 2020

KI Diem Seating ReviewThe team at KI never fails to impress. They're kicking off 2020 in a big way with the release of the all new Diem collection. This line of commercial quality mesh back seating offers the perfect combination of comfort and value. Today on the blog we'll take a look at Diem and the features that make it a must consider in the new year.

Diem Armless Mesh ChairStyle

The vibe we get from the Diem collection is a combination of modern and practical. These chairs are designed to make an impression without overpowering work environments. A Diem chair will earn you interior the compliments it deserves. That being said, it's not going to be the focal point of your furniture configuration as a whole.


Diem chairs come standard with a 26" 5 star base. The wide design with slightly arched prongs offers exceptional stability. You can design your Diem chair with the standard back plastic base or upgrade to the more attractive Aluminum base for an additional $70.00.

Diem Gray Mesh Back Chair with 4D ArmsMechanism

The mechanism serves as the brain of your office chair. It's where most of the functions are controlled. Professionals can spot a sub-par office chair from a distance based solely on the mechanism. Diem chairs come standard with commercial quality mechanisms and the user friendly controls needed to help chair operators adapt on the fly.

The weight activated design responds to the user. Side mounted levers are easy to reach and smoothly adjust tilt angle and height. The mechanism on the Diem chair is definitely up to date with today's standards and won't let you down.


As mentioned above, the Diem comes with a weight activated seat that responds to the user. Diem chairs are designed to accommodate users up to 300 pounds. The seat features 3.5" of high quality padding to ensure support throughout task filled work days. Diem chair seats are available in limitless upholstery grades to help personalize your interior.

Diem 4D ArmsArms

A choice of height adjustable and 4-way adjustable arms are available. If you want a little extra room, an armless Diem office chair from KI is also offered. We personally prefer the basic height adjustable arms. The 4D arms are also nice if you're planning to take advantage of the sliding arm pads. Overall the arms are stable and that's what's most important. Rest assured, you don't want to invest money into an office chair with wobbly arms that feel like they're going to snap when pressure is applied.

Diem Mesh ChairBack

The Diem chair comes equipped with a breathable mesh back that helps keep users cool while computing in the office. All Diem chair are available in your choice of black, grey, and white mesh back color options at no additional charge.

Diem Armless Chair

When you first sit down in a KI office chair you'll immediately know it's not some cheap piece of equipment. Diem chairs are incredibly well made and the attention to detail is second to none. If care about craftsmanship, you'll love KI chairs. The Diem is very comfortable and supportive. There's no doubt they were designed specifically for commercial applications from the work floor to the conference rooms.

diem chair with arms by kiPrice

Diem chairs are available at a variety of respectable price points. The most affordable option from the series is the armless model priced at $289.00. Adding the basic height adjustable arms will take the price up to $330.00. If you want the fully loaded Diem chair with the 4D arms you'll be looking at $405.00 in any Gr. 1 seat upholstery. All features considered, we feel the Diem chair with standard arms is the best buy and perhaps one of the most well rounded options of the new year at the very competitive $350.00 price point.


After a thorough sit test and evaluation, the Diem chair has earned itself a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. That's pretty impressive! As new office chairs go, the Diem is overwhelming with crazy adjustment features that will seldom get used. It's nice to see a brand get back to the foundations of comfort. Diem chairs are easy to use, supportive, customizable and won't break the bank. What more could you ask for?