KFI Willow Mobile Side Table 9000

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Model: KFI-9000
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KFI Studios Willow Mobile Side Table 9000
The Willow is a minimalistic pull up table from KFI designed for quick collaboration in lounge, lobby, and waiting room environments.
The offset design is carefully executed to be used in front of you or from the side, overhanging your chair or sofa.

Willow excels ergonomically with subtle details like the groove on the underside of the work surface to aid in pulling the table towards you.

When used in front of you the angled bottom surface elevates your feet off the floor at the appropriate angle to encourage blood flow through the feet and ankles.

The work surfaces height is also optimized at a height that allows for laptop use or side table use.


Designed for laptop work while seated

Wheels for added mobility

Grab handle underneath surface to pull table close to you

Anti-finger print surface

Anti-microbial surface

Non-marking rubber tires

Angled lower surface acts as footrest while working

Ergonomically designed to keep feet at upward angle for optimal blood flow

Fits up to a 17" laptop

Offset design for overhanging chairs and sofas


16"W x 20.9"D x 26.6"H

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willow mobile side table

KFI Willow Mobile Side Table 9000