Safco Hand Sanitizer Stand

  • Safco Products Safco Hand Sanitizer Stand
  • Safco Products Safco Hand Sanitizer Stand
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Hand Sanitizer Stand by Safco

Promote better wellness in workspaces by providing more access to germ-reducing solutions with the help of Safco's Hand Sanitizer Stand. Designed to work with a variety of common hands-free dispensing cartridges, this sturdy steel stand helps you conveniently deliver hand sanitizer to employees, workers, customers, clients and guests in a variety of shared spaces like entryways, reception areas, restrooms and break rooms. Simply connect a compatible cartridge (not included) using the pre-drilled mounting holes – or double-sided tape (not included), then place the stand in a spot where it's easily accessible. Post rules, notices or wayfinding instructions on the stand's 8.5" x 11" signage plate to quickly convey important information or draw more attention to the stand. Assembly required.


Important component in creating a comprehensive Post-COVID19 return-to-workplace strategy for employees, customers, clients and guests

Sturdy steel stand combines with a separate hand sanitizer cartridge (not included) to help provide easy access to germ-reducing solutions

Connect hand sanitizer cartridge to stand mechanically using the convenient pre-drilled mounting holes or simply affix using double-sided tape

Drip tray below mounting plate helps reduce instances of small amounts of hand sanitizer spilling onto the stand base or floor

8.5" x 11" signage plate at the top of the stand provides space to post rules, notices or important wayfinding instructions using magnets or double-sided tape

Economical round base with rubber bumper feet offers a small footprint appropriate for use on carpet or hard floors

Chip-resistant powder coat finish promotes easy cleaning and long-lasting durability in a variety of indoor environments

Perfect for placement near entryways, reception areas, breakrooms and restrooms

Pre-drilled mounting holes compatible with a range of common touch-free hand sanitizer cartridges

Assembly required – Hand sanitizer cartridge and mounting hardware not included

Stand Dimensions:

61-1/4"H x 12"W x 12"D

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Safco Products Safco Hand Sanitizer Stand

Safco Hand Sanitizer Stand