X-Chair X3 Management Office Chair

  • x3 green management office chair with headrest
  • x3 green management office chair
  • x3 black management office chair with headrest
  • x3 black management office chair
  • x3 gray management office chair with headrest
  • x3 gray management office chair
  • x3 blue management office chair with headrest
  • x3 blue management office chair
  • x3 chair adjustable arms
  • x3 chair adjustable headrest
  • x3 chair lumbar support
  • x3 chair seat
  • x3 chair upholstery
  • x blade casters
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X3 Luxury Ergonomic Management Office Chair by X-Chair

If the average office chair just won't cut it, the X3 has your back. This top of the line ergonomic management chair from X-Chair offers superior comfort and adjustment capabilities. The X3 high back chair is available with or without the adjustable headrest in your choice of 4 quick shipping color options. The X3 chair comes standard with infinite recline, 4 way adjustable arms, dynamic variable lumbar support and so much more.


SciFloat Infinite Recline - Floating recline technology helps your body stay in motion throughout task filled work days. SciFloat improves circulation, concentration, and energy levels.

4-Dimensional Armrests - Keeping your arms in the same position throughout the day isn't realistic. With the X3 chair, you can adapt on the fly. 4 way adjustable armrests make it easy to change height, depth, width, and the angle at which your chair arms are situated.

Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support - The X3 chair comes standard with Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support or DVL. This feature encourages all day comfort without the need to constantly adjust.

Adjustable Backrest Height - The X3 office chair features an adjustable back rest that can be raised to fully support the user. From your lumbar curve to your neck, this feature really comes in handy.

High Resiliency Molded Foam Seat - X3 office chairs from X-Chair boast supportive seats with Advanced Tensile Recovery fabric. The X3 chair seat can also slide forwards and backwards to situate behind the knees of the user.

Advanced Tensile Recovery - A.T.R. is a woven multilayered nylon that is both responsive and supportive. The ability to resist spills and stains while providing more spring than a tradition fabric makes A.T.R. the optional choice fo commercial interiors.

Optional Adjustable Headrest - Add the innovative X3 chair headrest for improved neck and head support. No matter what position you sit in, this X3 chair headrest can pivot to meet your specific needs.

Optional X-Wheel Blade Casters:

100% rubberized blade style wheels with ball bearing core. X-Wheel Blade Casters are quiet and smooth. These upgraded casters work better on hardwood and carpet alike. Ball bearing swivels spin easily to prevent floor scuffing. 

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