5 Cool New Ergonomic Products From ESI

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jan 6th 2021

 The team at ESI Ergonomic Solutions is kicking off 2021 with a bang! With hot new products designed to improve operational functionality, ESI is making it easier than ever to work effectively. Today on the blog we'll showcase 5 new ESI ergonomic products that are a must consider for your workspace in 2021.

Hana Ergonomic Monitor Riser

hana ergonomic monitor riser

Up first is the Hana series ergonomic monitor riser with USB ports. Why is this product essential? It gets your monitor off the desk surface and raises it to eye level where it belongs. When you're looking downward at your screen throughout the work day it causes neck strain that can cause health issues over the long term. With your screen raised you'll enjoy work days with less stress in addition to more operating space. The integrated USB ports also make it easy to charge your devices.

Hana Adjustable Laptop Support

hana laptop support

This height adjustable laptop support encourages sit-to-stand transitioning throughout task filled work days. The lightweight design makes this unit easy to transport and use wherever you're at. The Hana laptop support is available for just $160.00 in your choice of 2 cool finish options. Effortless finger touch adjusting with the gas spring arm makes for smooth transitioning while rear facing dual USB ports make it easy to connect hardware.

Hana Adjustable Foot Support

hana foot support

Go ergo from the ground up with the Hana adjustable foot support from ESI. Priced at just $185.00, the Hana foot support promotes motion with the active movement feature which allows for flexible platform movements. Light or heavy tension settings can be enabled to suite your preference. Two height settings for sitting and standing are also standard on the Hana foot support.

Lotus RT2 Dynamic Motion Sit-To-Stand Attachment

lotus rt2 dynamic motion sit to stand attachment

Turn your desks and tables into ergonomically correct sit-to-stand workstations with the Lotus RT2. This dynamic motion unit allows for precision positioning to suit your personal needs. The Smooth Lift Technology with easy dial weight adjustment makes the Lotus one of the best ergonomic attachments on the market. The Lotus can be attached to any surface 1" to 3" thick in a flash.

Lotus RT1 Dynamic Motion Sit-To-Stand Attachment

lotus rt1 workstation

If you don't operate with dual screens, the RT1 is a great option for your space. This sit-to-stand workstation from ESI encourages continuous movement in the workplace and good blood flow while reducing fatigue. Available in 2 finish options for $676.00, the RT1 will enhance your interior while making you more productive.