5 Ways To Improve Office Privacy

Posted by OfficeAnything on Apr 22nd 2019

Tired of trying to tackle your daily tasks on a noisy work floor? We've got you covered! Today on the blog we're showcasing helpful ways to improve office privacy without totally eliminating your ability to collaborate effectively with coworkers. From panel furniture to room dividers, the privacy components showcased here are a must consider for any growing business. 

1.) Panel Furniture

Privacy Cubicles

Most panel furniture systems and cubicles provide exceptional privacy, the only problem is that they make it difficult to collaborate. Thankfully, there are a few collections out there that provide a healthy mix of privacy and openness. We recommend the Easy Office line of cubicles from Bush Business Furniture. They're easy to install, don't cost a fortune, and provide a clean look. Easy Office stations are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any space. The panel walls are just the right height to create privacy without totally eliminating the ability to converse with surrounding coworkers.

2.) Partitions

Divvy Partition

Partions have been around for years. Modern styles are available to divide rooms without eliminating corporate appeal. Those upholstered room dividers you're used to seeing are a thing of the past! The Divvy partition collection from MooreCo offers customizable units that can be used to reduce noise, improve privacy, and collaborate when needed.

3.) Privacy Seating

Privacy Chair with Power

A little privacy is always nice during waiting room visits. Chairs like the Morph from OFM are absolutely perfect for healthcare facilities, airports, and other high traffic visiting areas. Morph chairs boast flip up privacy walls that are lightweight and easy to enjoy. In addition, the versatile chairs and sofas from the Morph collection feature integrated power modules with USB and AC inputs.

4.) Modesty Panels

Collaborative Desk with Modesty Panels

Open concept benching systems are super popular. They're great for encouraging team interaction and sparking creativity. Benching is commonly used as an alternative to traditional cubicle systems. The one down side to making the switch can be a lack of privacy. With modesty panels, you can solve the problem. Brands like Symmetry Office provide universal modesty panels and dividers that work with a variety of surface sizes.

5.) Space Dividers

Space dividers are a lot like partitions. They create privacy while simultaneously reducing noise. The Adapt collection from Safco Office Products is our favorite option on the market. These dividers can be customized by size, upholstery, and height. Adapt dividers are great for open workspaces, trade shows, and more.