6 Signs Your Office Is Outdated

Posted by OfficeAnything on Mar 2nd 2018

If your office interiors are outdated, it's hard to keep up with the competition and get the most out of your valued employees. Lucky for you, we're here to help. All too often we become complacent with out existing interiors and fail to realize they've become outdate. Today on the blog we'll highlight 6 key signs to be on the the lookout for. If you recognize the symptoms of an outdated interior, take action!

1.) Stationary Tables

Stationary Office Table

Fixed leg tables have become office paper weights. Newer and more advanced flip top tables with mobilized bases are now the standard. With stationary tables you'll have a hard time maximizing your square footage and encouraging collaboration without a lot of heavy lifting. Alternatively, multi purpose flip top tables with wheels make it easy to create group configurations that spark creativity.

2.) Traditional Panel Furniture

Outdated Panel Furniture

High wall panel furniture systems are good for privacy, but create obstructed sight lines and make for an overcrowded work floor. If you're looking for an alternative to your outdated cubicle systems, consider open concept benching in 2018. It will make your space feel larger and more interactive. Nearly every reputable office furniture brand is crafting open concept solutions this year for a reason!

3.) Faded Upholsteries

Worn Out Office Chair

This is the easiest sign to spot. If your office chair upholsteries have started to look worn and faded, the odds are your chairs are outdated. As making a great impression is key, you definitely don't want faded chairs in your waiting room that act as corporate eyesores. Likewise, you don't want similarly outdated ergonomic chairs that make it hard for users to get comfortable. The good news is, office chair technology has come a long way. Features that were once considered fancy upgrades have now become pretty standard and won't cost you a fortune.

4.) Lack of Ergonomic Essentials

Ergonomically Correct Computing Habits

If you're office interiors are outdated, you're probably wondering what all the ergonomic buzz is about. We're here to tell you... once you go ergo, you never go back! Investing in a few key ergonomic products is just plain smart. They will change the way you approach your work day by making you more productive, energetic, and healthy.

This section needs a little breakdown....

  • Is your keyboard sitting atop your desk surface? If so, you need an articulating keyboard tray. It will help you type at healthy angles while creating additional surface space.
  • Is your monitor attached to the factor base and sitting on your desktop? Invest in a clamp on mount! It will reduce visual strain and neck pain while creating more operational space.
  • Are you sitting in your office chair all day long? You need to invest in sit to stand products that encourage continuous movement and muscle activity. Desktop risers are the way to go.

5.) Minimal Storage Space

Limited storage space is a key sign your interiors are outdated. If your file cabinet drawers are busting at the seams, it's time to rethink your current operational needs. You can get the most out of your interior and improve storage with modular cabinets, shelving, and overhead hutch units that don't take a up a ton of floor space. Likewise, you need to assess the type of storage you're in need of. If it's file space, skip the fancy bookcase. If it's display space, consider a hutch that can be rested atop your credenza.

6.) Veneer Desks

Outdated Office Desk

There's nothing wrong with traditional wood veneer office furniture. It's timeless. That being said, old veneer furniture can definitely make your work environments look outdated if it hasn't been treated properly. You know the scene... You walk into an office space and there's an old cherry finished desk with nicks and scratch marks all over it. Does this make a lasting impression? Not hardly!

In 2018, laminate office furniture collections have become the preferred choice for professional remodeling projects. They provide exceptional value and the trend setting appeal needed to wow even the harshest critics.