Designer Picks: Fashion Forward Office Chairs of 2019

Posted by OfficeAnything on Sep 11th 2019

box arm office chair with quilted upholstery
Global Jeo Chair

Today on the blog we'll be showcasing some of the hottest new seating solutions on the market. These fashion forward office chairs from brands like Global, KI, and Cape Contract Furniture offer the customizable features needed to personalize interiors while maximizing comfort. Prepare to be impressed!


First up is the Jeo chair from Global. Even at first glance this box arm office chair will wow you with mid century modern design characteristics and quilted back. The 8433-4-Q model Jeo office chair pictured here is available in a wide range of durable and easy to clean Allante Vinyl options that perfectly compliment a polished base.

global moda chair
Global Moda Chair


Up next is the Moda. This hot seating solution from Global is available in 3 shell color options for modern and practical applications. It's easy to picture the Global Moda chair in a cool conference room setting, or even on the work floor. Moda chairs can be purchased with or without upholstered seat pads.

ki voz chair
KI Voz Chair


Third on our list of fashion forward office chairs to consider in 2019 is the Voz. This sleek multi-purpose chair from KI is available in plenty of hot variations that include wood and upholstered surfaces. The Voz chair is a great option for any environment where space is at a premium. Clean lines and sharp contours make for an on-trend chair that's ready, willing, and able to impress.

ki ruckus chair
KI Ruckus Chair


Interior designers on the hunt for office chairs that can be used as functional focal points love the Ruckus. This KI office seating collection offers versatile multi-purpose chairs that outperform the competition in professional training and classroom environments. The unique design of the Ruckus chair is perfect for collaborating in groups and tossing around good ideas.

albert 118 xl chair
Cape Furniture Albert Chair


Wood office chairs have been incredibly popular in 2019! The problem is, most of the wood chairs on the market are only available in a couple of finish and upholstery combinations. It's for this reason that interior designers are turning to Albert, a full service wood seating collection from Cape Contract Furniture. These curved wood back chairs are available for private office interiors, conference rooms, and office waiting rooms. While expensive, Albert chairs are ready to accommodate your high-end needs.

powerfit chair
Eurotech Powerfit Chair


Looking for something a bit more high-tech? It's doesn't get any better than the Powerfit chair from Eurotech Seating. This bluetooth enabled office chair with bionic spine engineering and livemotion lumbar support is in a league of its own. Interior design teams love the Powerfit chair for it's cutting edge modern look and users love it because it's the most advanced chair on the market today. If you can't get comfortable in this chair, you might just be out of luck.

bush business furniture london chair
BBF London Chair


At just $239.00, the all new London chair from Bush Business Furniture is easy to appreciate. This mid-century office chair with an angled box arm design is available in 8 quick shipping color options. The London chair is perfect for conference, boardroom, and private office applications. At this respectable price point, the London chair is even a great buy for home work environments.

woodstock joe chair
Woodstock Marketing Joe Chair


Last but not least is the Joe chair from Woodstock Marketing. Available in 5 color options, the Joe can be used to blend in or make a major statement. The ribbed back design is sleek, on-trend, and perfect for upscale interiors. Woodstock Marketing Joe chairs are also available in mid back variations that work great in conference rooms. The Joe is ready, willing, and able to accommodate users up to 300 pounds and comes standard with 60mm dual wheel casters. Interior Designers love the Joe for its unrivaled combination of style, comfort, and quality.