Ergonomics 101: How To Properly Accessorize Your Workspace

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jun 17th 2019

Are you ready to take your workspace to the next level? We're here to help! Today on the blog we'll showcase 10 great ways to accessorize for enhanced appeal and performance. From articulating keyboard trays to height adjustable perch stools, these office add-ons are a must consider.

1.) BBF Articulating Keyboard Tray

BBF articulating keyboard tray

The AC99801-03 model articulating keyboard tray from Bush Business Furniture is all about versatility and user performance. At just $164.99, this unit is a great buy. This keyboard tray offers 5.3" of height adjustment and 15" of forward-backward travel to retreat under work surfaces when not in use.

2.) Symmetry King Cobra Dual Monitor Arm

king cobra monitor mount

A dual screen mount is a must! The ability to quickly cut down on the time spent flipping back and forth between open browser screens and reports is absolutely invaluable. Additionally, the King Cobra features a built in power hub with USB charging ports. This mount will provide you with increased desk surface space and the ability to adjust screens to meet the needs of any task.

3.) Safco Soar Dual Screen Workstation

safco soar workstation

Combine the ergonomic benefits of a keyboard tray and monitor arm with the Soar from Safco! This electric sit-to-stand station raises and lowers at the push of a button. The power hub with USB ports and AC inputs will definitely come in handy. Most importantly, this unit will help you stay active without the need for extended sitting sessions that cause poor posture habits and fatigue.

4.) ESI FlexCharge4 Power Module

esi flexcharge4 module

Enjoy quick and easy access to USB and AC ports with the FlexCharge4 from ESI. This handy little office addition is available for just $141.99. Don't waste time hunting around underneath your desk from the inputs you need to stay productive.

5.) Dacasso Desk Organizer

dacasso desk organizer

The team at Dacasso has made it their mission to improve office organizing while simultaneously enhancing appeal. The desk organizers from this industry innovator are available from $98.00 in a variety of attractive color options. High end solutions with Italian Leather and additional components are available for upscale executive interiors.

6.) Safco Scoot File Cart with Cushioned Top

scoot file cart with cushion top

Pull up a seat and keep your office neat with the 5380BL model Scoot file cart from Safco. The products from the Scoot collection are versatile, cost effective, and just plain cool!

7.) Impromptu Whiteboard

impromptu mobile whiteboard

When the good ideas are flowing, you'll want to write them down! This 42" x 72" mobile whiteboard from the Safco Impromptu collection will help you collaborate effectively. Hosting a team strategizing session in conference room? Take it with you! This product is great for any space.

8.) OFM Mesa Mobile Workstation

ofm mobile podium

The 66100 from OFM is classified as a podium, but we feel it's capable of much more. This unit doubles as a handy laptop desk in any space. The 66100 is great for guests, meetings, and just about any other application you can think of.

9.) BBF CPU Holder

bush cpu holder

At just $106.99, the AC99820-03 model CPU holder from Bush Business Furniture is easy to appreciate. Keeping your CPU on the ground leaves it susceptible to theft and even water damage. With your CPU mounted underneath a desk surface you'll also enjoy additional leg room.

10.) OFM Vivo Perch Stool

vivo perch stool

Perch stools are the latest ergonomic craze. With the popularity of height adjustable office furniture, perch stools like the Vivo are taking interiors by storm. The Vivo encourages continuous posture changes and muscle activity.