How To Create A Cool Conference Room That's Built For Effective Collaboration

Posted by OfficeAnything on Oct 2nd 2019

When style and functionality combine, you've got yourself a fantastic work space. Today on the Office Anything blog we'll teach you how to accomplish just that with your conference room makeover project. From standing height tables to unique seating solutions, we'll help you design a cool conference room that's built to collaborate effectively.

standing height conference tableSelect Your Table

The table you select will lay the foundation for your space. Sure you could go with a traditional conference table, but why not think outside the box?

This year, standing height tables are the latest craze. Take one look at the MRH10 from the Mirella office furniture collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. This 10' standing height table is perfect for collaborating and staying active.

Standing tables will help you create a super cool modern vibe while also improving your ability to interact with conference room visitors. Standing tables reduce fatigue, encourage continuous posture changes, and also improve blood flow. They'll soon be an industry standard.

Choose Your Seating

factor task stoolIf you're hosting meetings that last more than an hour, it's nice to provide your guests with extra support and the ability to enjoy a healthy mix of sitting and standing. It's for this reason that adjustable task stools are the perfect option. They're comfortable, ideal for collaborating around standing height tables, and comparably priced to traditional conference style chairs.

grazie task stoolYou'll love multi-purpose task stools like the 5546 model from the Global Factor collection. This mesh back seating solution is all about staying comfortable and looking cool. The Factor task stool is equipped with the adjustment features needed to adapt to the needs of any situation quickly and easily. It's available for $340.99 in a variety of cool color options.

The Grazie task stool from KI is also an excellent option for collaborative conference areas. It's available for $354.00 in 5 quick shipping color options. This poly task stool is easy to clean and built to last.

isle power towerPower Up Your Space

Conference room power modules are an absolute must. They make it easy to collaborate effectively while simultaneously modernizing your interior and keeping it up to date with the latest trends.

Most of today's best conference tables (including the MRH10 Mirella table mentioned above) are available with optional modules that will improve performance. We highly recommend adding a couple to any table. The initial cost will seem high, but the overall time saved when hosting multi-media presentations is priceless.

The days of rolling in squeaky AV carts have come to an end thanks to modern power solutions like the Isle tower from Global. If your table didn't come with the option of power modules, you'll really dig the Isle. In all honesty, this unit is great for just about every space from the waiting room to the conference room. The Isle power tower comes equipped with 9 110V outlets and 6 rapid charge USB port. The Isle is very cool and modern by design. This product is definitely a conversation piece the will wow your guests.

Accessorize Your Conference Room

conference room wall cabinetWith a standing height table, tasks tools, and power modules you've laid the foundation for a cutting edge conference room. Now it's time to accessorize and enhance. We recommend starting with the easy stuff before your new furniture arrives. Lay on a fresh coat of paint, swap out those builder grade lighting fixtures, and put up some window treatments.

Once your furniture arrives, you can take your accessorizing to the next level. A wall mounted flat screen TV is a must. If you can, purchase a smart TV that can be linked to your conference table power modules to host visual presentations. You'll also want to put a cool cabinet underneath your TV to accent your interior while keeping it organized. If you opted for the MRH10 Mirella table listed above, the MRLWCGD cabinet will match it!

rumba whiteboard cabinetFurther improve your ability to collaborate effectively with the addition of a mobile whiteboard. Affordable options include the 8511 model from the Safco Impromptu collection. At just $399.00 it's hard to beat. You'll also want to check out options like the PSP635FRK from Bush Business Furniture. This acrylic screen offers a modern look that's sure to make your interior pop. It also serves as a portable privacy solution.

The options for accessorizing your space are pretty much endless. Keep in mind that not all conference room accessories are a must have. Do your best to personalize your space without making it feel cramped. Visual accents like wall art and area rugs will certainly help with integrated tastefully into your space.