How To Set Up A Home Office: 4 Ideas For Inspiration

Posted by Office Anything on May 22nd 2020

How To Set Up A Home Office: 4 Ideas For Inspiration

For those new to setting up a home office, you want to look for good ideas that reflect increasing productivity. Working remotely may have been ongoing for several years before current circumstances, but it is still a science in progress. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and full-time employees are working to maintain a new status quo.

We have some tips below on the home office setup and what you can use to revive energy during the day. What’s more, you may have more energy to adjust as the world as it changes office work and daily routines.

Keep A Clock Or Timepiece Record In The Room

This may seem traditional, but traditions exist for a reason. Time is money, whether or not you are paid by the hour, and a person can easily find ways to waste it. If you are working remotely full-time, more likely than not, you have to log what you were doing with some of those hours. Many people can tell you that recording as you go is an ideal method. Regardless, you may want some assistance with that.

We recommend mounting an analog clock on the wall or displaying it from within a hutch. The Safco Mirella 72″ Wall Mount Hutch with Sliding Barn Doors can hold a clock and many other items for your business use. It has an ornamental barn design but is practical for storage nonetheless.

Designate Space For Distractions

How To Set Up A Home Office: 4 Ideas For Inspiration

It is easy to get distracted. People find it harder to focus in a world with 24-hour news that updates all the time, or when they have pets or kids. While you can’t necessarily keep children out of your office, you can put away Rubix cubes and smartphones to ensure that your focus is there.

A file cabinet or desk of drawers can serve as the perfect place to put any smartphones, and serve as storage space. You can get one with a lock. The Global Zira Two Drawer Lateral File Cabinet is one of our recommendations for this purpose. It is meant to optimize privacy and has shades to match any interior.

Get An Ergonomic Chair

How To Set Up A Home Office: 4 Ideas For Inspiration

Ergonomics refers to the study of work environments that increase productivity. Chairs and desks that promote bad posture or stiffness mean that they cause discomfort to employees. People are thus less likely to turn in assignments on time and may burn out.

The right chair can prevent all of these disasters from accruing. Take the OFM Avenger Series Big & Tall Executive Mid Back Chair, for use by taller desk and computer users. It looks professional and feels comfortable for the busiest professional.

Make Sitting And Standing Arrangements

How To Set Up A Home Office: 4 Ideas For Inspiration

Standing desks can help maintain your energy and possibly improve your health. Sitting for hours is not good for anyone’s health and can increase your risk for developing diabetes or heart disease. While sometimes you can’t get away from your desk,

Spending a lot of time at a standing desk can help. So can sitting to standing arrangements, to ensure that you’re not on your feet all day.

Improve Your Working Space With Office Anything

Office Anything is staying open so as to help executives and employees with this new state of affairs. Home office setup doesn’t have to be complicated; you simply require a plan. We’ve spent years seeing how the workplace changes, and adjusting furniture to match that.

Reach out to us today to get started.