How To Spot A High Quality Ergonomic Office Chair

Posted by OfficeAnything on Feb 21st 2018

Are you on the hunt for a new office chair? You're in the right place. Today on the blog we'll teach you how to spot quality seating solutions and avoid the buyers remorse associated with spending money on a chair that's not built to last. In the long run, your ergonomic chair should be looked at as an investment in personal comfort. Familiarizing yourself with the key elements found on quality chairs will help you make an educated purchase.

1.) Mechanism Controls

Office Chair Mechanism With Paddle Controls

First things first, check out mechanism. It's office chair brain. About 90% of the chairs functions will be controlled by the levers located on the mechanism. These days, basic office chairs will typically feature a single lever that controls the chair height. More advanced ergonomic seating solutions will offer an array of paddle shift levers that control tilt angle, seat depth, height, and much more. In a nutshell, the more levers you see, the more features the chair will have.

*Today's most high end office chairs often feature enclosed mechanisms. This type of "smart chair" is designed to automatically respond to user movements to provide a comfortable sit without the need for adjusting.

2.) Metal Components

Metal Office Chair Components

Plastic office chairs are okay for the home office. That being said, chairs with metal components are far more durable and ready for the demands of the modern workplace. While you'll find plastic pieces on nearly any office chair, look for as many metal parts as possible. High quality chairs typically feature steel or aluminum bases, back supports, and arms.

3.) High Rise Base

High Quality Office Chair Base

Basic chairs will typically feature black nylon bases. It's basically plastic that will wear out over time.  Nylon bases are perfectly fine for light use applications, but quality chairs will feature arched metal 5 star bases. They're pretty easy to spot as most of them will be polished and shiny.

4.) Waterfall Seat

Waterfall Office Chair Seat Edge

This feature is a bit harder to spot. Most chairs will feature a curved seat that's well padded to provide the user with a comfortable sit. Today's best chairs are being constructed the same way, except for one little attribute you need to be on the look out for. The waterfall seat edge is essentially a curved front that relieves knee pressure. It's not a total game changer in terms of comfort, but it is a pretty standard feature found on today's best office chairs (and not on those that are cheaply made) that you should be aware of.

5.) Contoured Back

Contoured Office Chair Back

Curved or contoured chair backs are a nice feature that should not be overlooked. The curve of a chair back will determine how and where support is generated during your sit. Today's high quality office chairs feature contoured backs that provide exceptional lumbar support. Due to the wide selection of chairs with different back curves, it's important to sit in as many as possible to determine what type of contour works best.

*Most top of the line office chairs will come standard with an adjustable lumbar support that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

6.) Adjustable Arms

Adjustable Office Chair Arms

Here's another easy spot that you need to be aware of! Adjustable chair arms typically feature a T-shaped design. They're the preferred choice for tasking and all day applications. Office chairs with fixed arms are typically used in conference room settings. With adjustable arms you'll be able to compute healthy and improve posture while reducing fatigue.

*Adjustable chair arms are pretty standard these days. Most chair arms simply raise and lower. High end adjustable task seating solutions feature multi functional arms that can be widened. They also boast pivoting arm caps. Be on the look out for these awesome features to help improve your sitting experience. They're a nice touch!

7.) Quality Casters

Dual Wheel Office Chair Casters

Make sure to check out the wheels on any office chair you're considering. You'll want to select a chair  that has dual wheel casters. Cheap casters are a mobility killer! Dual wheel casters for carpet and hardwood floors are available to ensure long term durability and a smooth operating experience.

8.) Durable Upholstery

Oroblanco Chair

A chair with cheap upholstery will be quickly worn out with everyday use. Alternatively, chairs with high quality fabric, mesh, and leather surfaces are built to last. This is where product reviews come in very handy. If you can't find an office chair showroom in your area, be sure to read reviews at trusted dealer sites. You can also watch demo videos on YouTube. If you're unsure about the quality of the chair upholstery, contact your chair provider directly. They'll be able to tell you what grade the upholstery is. The higher the grade, the more durable it is as upholsteries are rated by the amount of "double-rubs" they can withstand.