Introducing Cutting Edge Modern Office Furniture from iDesk

Posted by OfficeAnything on Mar 3rd 2021

Talk about impressive! The all new office furniture from iDesk is ready to take your office interior to the next level. This full service line of professional desks, powered conference tables, and matching storage components is unlike anything on the market today. If you're looking to design cutting edge work spaces for you and your fellow teammates, the collection is a must see.

idesk u-shaped workstation
iDesk U-Shaped Workstation

iDesk is the sister company to Cherryman Industries, a highly respected brand that takes pride in offering high quality desk collections for both modern and traditional applications. The all new office furniture from iDesk has been in the works for a few years now. This collection wasn't rushed out onto the market. It was carefully designed and cultivated by some of the best minds in the business.

idesk t-shaped workstation
iDesk T Shaped Workstation

The iDesk furniture collection is all about versatility. With this line you can create elite executive interiors or craft multi user benching configurations for your work floor that boost collaborative efforts. The modular components within this collection make for limitless possibilities.

In addition to desks, iDesk is offering some of the coolest conference tables on the market. iDesk conference room tables are available in a variety of stunning laminate finish options. If you really want to be impressed, check out the speciality glass top conference tables. They're absolutely awesome. All of the tables, including the smaller meeting style tables from this line are available with factory installed power modules to further boost performance.

idesk l shaped workstation
iDesk L-Shaped Workstation

No professional interior is complete without the storage components needed to help you stay organized. The iDesk line offers a wide range of storage towers, low wall credenzas, and even mobile file pedestals with optional cushion tops.
idesk table snowberry
iDesk Table Snowberry

In terms of price, the all new modern office furniture from iDesk is going to shock you. We mean that in a good way! When compared to 2021's top rated collections, iDesk comes in slightly below. When you look at this collection, you'll instantly think it's far more expensive than it really is. While affordable, iDesk furniture does not lack in terms of quality.
idesk table summer
iDesk Table Summer

As this line of furniture has just hit the market in early March, there's still a good chance you can get it quickly before demand kicks into overdrive. All iDesk modular desk configurations and tables include free shipping as an added bonus.