Introducing Luxury Collaborative Tables From The KFI Loci Collection

Posted by OfficeAnything on May 9th 2024

KFI Studios

The team at KFI Studios never fails to impress. Take one look at their all new Loci collection and you'll quickly see what we mean. These luxurious collaborative tables for conference, boardroom, and open concept interiors are nothing short of amazing. Today on the blog we'll take an in-depth look at the Loci line and the tables that are sure to make it a favorite of interior design teams and shoppers for years to come.

loci single overhang table

First things first, we'll kick things off by providing you with the specs you need to know about. The Loci collection offers a variety of table shapes including waterfall, double overhang, and single overhang styles. These tables are constructed using solid red oak wood harvested less than 200 miles from the KFI factory to minimize carbon footprint.

loci counter height table with power

These made in the USA conference tables are available in cafe, counter, and bar height variations to meet the needs of any application. Cafe height tables are 30" tall. Counter height models are 36" tall, while bar height variations stand at 41". 

The Loci 30" high tables are ideal for traditional conference room applications, while the counter and bar height models provide a unique option that allows guests to alternate between sitting and standing to encourage continuous posture changes and good blood flow throughout collaborative sessions.

Collaborative Standing Tables with Power

In 2024, no table collection can truly be considered top of the line without power options. Loci delivers with rail and surface powered conference tables for sale in multiple lengths. The hollow leg construction makes it easy to manage unsightly cables.

Loci Waterfall Table

Additionally, all KFI Studios tables tables for sale from the Loci collection can be equipped with metal leg caps that enhance appeal while simultaneously providing increased levels of durability.

42x168 Loci Counter Height Table

The tables from the Loci line meet ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 - 300 lbs. and provide exceptional quality. The satin topcoat shows of the natural woodgrain and we must say, it's stunning! Loci collaborative standing tables and standard height conference tables are offered in 8 attractive finish options for both modern and traditionally inspired interiors. 

KFI Loci Table Finishes

These made to order tables are definitely worth the 6-8 week lead time. If you are looking for quality craftsmanship, you should plan your project a bit earlier to account for the manufacturing time when compared to your average out-of-the-box options that are available for quick ship.

In terms of price, Loci tables are definitely on the high end of the conference room spectrum. That being said, most of the tables you'll find on the market today are constructed with laminate surfaces. Loci delivers a superior product that can be felt and easily seen. The solid wood speaks volumes work environments that your visitors will surely appreciate.

KFI Loci Table Edge Detailing

We consider the Loci table collection from KFI Studios to be one of, if not the very best option for shoppers looking to distinguish interiors. Loci offers unrivaled craftsmanship, minimalist design characteristis for a clean look, and productivity inspiring power options that encourage healthy collaboration. You really couldn't ask for more!