Introducing Maxon DeXTR Workstations

Posted by OfficeAnything on Aug 27th 2019

Maxon DeXTR Furniture ReviewWe're super excited to tell you about the DeXTR collection from Maxon. This full service line of modular desks makes it easy to create open concept interiors for single and multi-user applications. The DeXTR collection is all about versatility. The ability to change and adapt over time makes DeXTR the perfect option for any growing business.

Maxon DeXTR Desk Set
DeXTR Modular L-Desk Set

Today's office interiors require balance between individual and collaborative activities. The DeXTR collection is ready willing and able to accommodate both private and open areas. DeXTR supports a variety of tasks with multiple work surface options and a full line of storage components that encourage productive organizing.

Check out this modular L shaped desk with a rear wall credenza and overhead storage hutch. The first thing that should stand out to you is ultra clean lines. This sleek desk configuration with a slanted metal legs is sure to earn any space the compliments it deserves. The floating top desk design pairs with a low wall cabinet to provide at-hand organizing space. At $2920.00, this set is a great choice for modern executive office makeover projects.

DeXTR 2 Person Desk
DeXTR 2 Person Desk

DeXTR provides a plethora of modular options that inspire designers to think outside the box. If you're tired of lack luster furniture collections that do little to maximize square footage and corporate appeal, DeXTR is the line for you.

This second layout is designed to accommodate 2 workers. The open feel creates clean sight lines on the work floor. This 2 person desk configuration is all about providing a perfect mix of privacy and the ability to collaborate effectively. DeXTR layouts like this provide an awesome alternative to traditional high wall cubicles.

From modern to traditional, DeXTR offers attractive laminate finish options that are durable, easy to clean, and perfect for commercial applications. Unique tones like Kingswood Walnut serve as a breath of fresh air in a world filled with overly used woodgrain tones. Those in search of a more timeless look will love DeXTR laminate desk finishes like Shaker Cherry and Cognac.

Maxon DeXTR L Shaped Workstation
Maxon DeXTR Reversible L-Desk

In addition to laminate finishes, DeXTR gives shoppers and designers alike the ability to further customize their configurations with paint finishes. From desk legs to drawer pulls, DeXTR is all about personalization. Black and Designer White are the standard options while Silver, Champagne, and Platinum are offered at a slight uncharge.

No matter the size of your interior, DeXTR is ready to accommodate your needs. This best selling office furniture line is all about providing you with what's needed to operate at peak performance levels regardless of your available floor plan. Small office interiors will benefit from DeXTR's component versatility. The reversible L desk pictured here can be used in open areas and along walls. As your needs increase, simply add-on with new components.