Modernize Your Office With Friant Dash Furniture

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jun 9th 2021

Friant Dash Furniture

Friant specializes in the provision of high quality office furniture for commercial applications. Take one look at their Dash collection and you'll be instantly impressed. Dash offers modern desks and multi user workstations designed to maximize square footage, storage potential, and appeal. Today on the blog we'll take a look at 5 of the hottest layouts from the Dash collection to consider for your business.
FD-1006 Dash U-Desk
friant dash u shaped desk
First up is the FD-1006 model Dash U shaped desk. This contemporary single user workstation offers ample operating space and an open feel. the FD-1006 is equipped with an over head hutch that adds to the executive look. This U shaped office desk comes complete with a high wall storage tower with multiple organizing options.

FD-2001 Dash 2-Person Ergonomic Workstation

2 person ergonomic workstation
Work effectively and in-style with this FD-2001 model ergonomic workstation. This 2 person layout comes equipped with height adjustable desks that encourage continuous movement in the workplace. The FD-2001 also includes a ton of storage cabinets in addition to upholstered privacy screens. 

FD-4000 Dash 4 Person Collaborative Workstation

4 person collaborative workstation
Talk about versatility! The FD-4000 model workstation from the Friant Dash collection creates an open concept feel that's all about collaboration. Central storage cabinets anchor the layout while upholstered privacy panels add a nice touch of color. This 4 person desk is perfect for the modern work floor.

FD-1001 Dash L-Desk

Friant Dash L-Desk
No matter your needs and space requirements, the Dash furniture collection from Friant has you covered. This FD-1001 model L-Shaped desk boasts a 6' x 6' design that's perfect for private office interiors and the work floor. The FD-1001 is also a great buy at just $1363.00.

FD-6000 Dash 6 Person Benching Configuration

6 person benching configuration
The Versatility of Dash is unrivaled. From single user desks to open concept benching layouts, this full service collection from Friant can do it all. The FD-6000 model open concept benching configuration accommodates 6 individuals comfortably. The open concept feel makes the FD-6000 a perfect fit for the work floor. If your'e looking for modern cubicle alternatives, this multi-user station is a must consider that won't break the budget.