Office Design 2020: Creating An Ergonomically Correct Executive Interior

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jan 28th 2020

The modern executive is always looking for ways to improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. In 2020, executives across the country have made it their mission to create ergonomically correct interiors that are ready to adapt at a moments notice. Today in our Office Design blog series we'll take a look at the products you'll need to create an upscale ergonomic executive space that's up to date with the latest trends.

Start With Space Planning

medina ergonomic desk set

First things first, you need to measure your space. When the time comes to remodel your executive office interior, start by sketching the perimeter of your interior out on paper and labeling each wall of your drawing with correct dimensions. Rest assured there's nothing worse than ordering new furniture only to find that it doesn't fit correctly. As you want to maximize your interior without making it feel overcrowded, be sure to double check your dimensions.

Determine Your Needs

bush ergonomic desk with manual sit stand bridge

Once you have an idea of what's going to fit, it's time to figure out exactly what you need to create your space. Below is a list of products to consider when designing an ergonomic executive interior.

  • Height Adjustable Desk
  • Ergonomic Task Chair with Lumbar Support
  • Dual Screen Monitor Arm
  • Articulating Keyboard Tray
  • Space Saving Storage Cabinets
  • Surface Level Power Module

Select Your Ergonomic Executive Desk

aberdeen ergonomic desk

The ergonomic desk you select will serve as the foundation and focal point of your makeover. Once you select an ergonomic desk you can further build out your space with matching components designed to enhance appeal and your ability to operate comfortably.

When you're ready to select your ergonomic office desk, you'll notice two main styles. These styles include both electric desks with push button controls in addition to manual lift-and-lock styles desks.

Electric desks are a bit more pricey and require a power outlet. Manual desks will help you maximize the budget, but you will have to lift up your surface every time you wish to change positions. We've provided a list of both styles below to help get you started.

Select Your Ergonomic Executive Chair

concorde presidential chair

You simply can't underestimate the importance of a good office chair. These days there's no shortage of options. Selecting your chair is a personal thing, but none-the-less we've created a list of our favorites. These seating solutions below come packed with the user friendly ergonomic features needed to ensure all day support. They're all very highly regarded by industry professionals and come backed by excellent reviews.

Add Matching Executive Furniture

ergonomic executive furniture - medina collection

Once you've selected your chair, it's time enhance your executive interior. If you've selected a desk from one of the collections mentioned above you'll be rewarded with a wide range of matching components including file cabinets, overhead hutch units, bookcases, and even side tables.

When enhancing your executive space with matching furniture, be sure to consider your available floor space. If at all possible, go vertical! A matching credenza topped with a hutch will create additional operating space and storage. Below you'll find a list of collections with both ergonomic desks and matching furniture.

Accessorize Your Executive Space

Now it's time to accessorize. This is one step you don't want to skip as the accessories you choose will most certainly contribute to your ability to operate at peak performance levels. Below you'll find a list of the top 3 options available in 2020 and a short description of their individual benefits to get you started.

  • Dual Monitor Arm - Reduces visual strain, creates usable desk surface space, and makes it easy to cut down on the time spent flipping back and forth between tabs when computing.
  • Articulating Keyboard Tray - Reduces risk of carpal tunnel syndrome while simultaneously creating available desk surface space.
  • Surface Power Module - Get the USB and AC inputs you need to work effectively without having to search for them underneath your desk. Surface level power ports will save you time and help you charge devices quickly with them sitting atop your desk instead of under it.