Office Design 2021: Benching Is Best

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jun 22nd 2021

collaborative benching

In 2021 the demand for benching systems is at an all time high. Thanks to industry leading brands and cutting edge technology, benching has become the modern cubicle alternative of choice. Benching systems make it easy to collaborate and work together effectively. Today on the blog we'll take a look at the best benching brands, top layouts, and collections to consider for your work floor.

In 2020, the demand for office benching furniture was a bit lower due to Covid. As we slowly emerge from the storm, businesses are returning to "normal" and the demand for benching is greater than ever before.

friant benching

When you've been apart from your coworkers for so long, the desire to collaborate is very strong. With benching you can collaborate effectively without being too close for comfortable. 

While traditional cubicles are ideal for privacy, modern benching systems create clear sight lines that make it far easier to communicate and toss ideas around.

Industry leading brands like Friant, Bush Business Furniture, and Global are paving the way in 2021 with unique benching furniture collections that are a must consider for growing businesses. While traditional cubicles will always have their place, trend setting benching lines are taking center stage.

easy office collaborative furniture

The Novo collection from Friant is an excellent option for your business. This versatile collection offers unique configurations with central privacy panels and matching storage. Novo encourages collaboration without completely sacrificing privacy. Several Novo layouts even include height adjustable desks that make it easy to stay active.

Another top rated benching collection to consider is the Princeton collection from Global. In it's inception, the Princeton collection was thought to be another awesome casegoods furniture line. In the following years the Global Princeton furniture collection adapted to become one of the best options on the market for work floor collaboration. 

global princeton furniture

If you're having a tough time deciding between traditional panel furniture and collaborative benching, it's definitely a good idea to understand the benefits of both. In terms of value, we give the edge to collaborative benching. Without the high panels they typically cut down on cost a bit. We also give the edge to collaborative benching when it comes to overall style as it really helps to create an open concept feel that will make your space feel much larger.

You can get a nice blend of both worlds with the Bush Business Furniture Easy Office collection. It's a hybrid type line that offers the perfect amount of privacy and the ability to collaborate effectively. Easy Office layouts are affordable, easy to assemble, and super versatile.

cutting edge office furniture

Interior design teams and businesses across the country are loving the look and operational benefits provided by today's top benching systems. Benching has become a top option for businesses looking to maximize square footage while creating team oriented environments that encourage productivity. From high tech powered benching layouts to hybrid configurations that don't fully eliminate privacy, the options in this emerging category are growing daily!