Office Design: 5 Trends Taking The Spring Season by Storm

Posted by OfficeAnything on Apr 9th 2018

Spring is in the air and new office design trends are reviving interiors across the country. From standing height conference tables to ergonomic active stools, industry leading brands are reshaping professional work spaces with innovative products designed to encourage healthy habits and improved efficiency. Today in our 'Office Design' series we'll highlight 5 trends to keep an eye on this season.

1.) Standing Height Conference Tables

Height Adjustable Conference Table

As sitting for long periods of time can actually shorten your lifespan, the standing revolution is in full swing. This movement started with sit to stand desktop attachment and has made its way to the conference room. This season height adjustable conference room tables are going to become incredibly popular. They're great for collaborating and getting the creative juices flowing. Popular standing height conference tables like the Endure from OFM and Confluence from Safco are definitely worth a look.

2.) Maple Furniture

Maple Office Desk

Maple office furniture is making a comeback. Popular lines like Series A from Bush Business Furniture and Aberdeen from Mayline offer attractive maple components that have really come alive in 2018. This season Maple desks and tables will claim a spot at the top of the sales charts. With a Maple office desk configuration you can make your space feel open, professional, and up to date. This timeless tone is returning to its former glory and that's a good thing! On the flip side, traditional tones like cherry and mahogany are definitely fading in terms of popularity.

3.) Tufted Lounge Seating

Tufted Lounge Sofa

Tufted chairs and sofas are perfect for professional lobby, lounge, and waiting room use. With tufted seating from a reputable brand like Modway you'll be able to create mid century modern office interiors that are ready to earn an abundance of compliments. Tufted components offer just the right amount of wow factor and class needed to turn your welcoming area into a work of art.

4.) Euro Style Conference Chairs

Euro Style Conference Chair

In the conference room, space is always at a premium. Traditional over-stuffed executive style chairs are being replaced this season with sleek Euro style conference room seating solutions that maximize available table space and don't lack in terms of support. Wondering what type of chairs we're talking about? Check out the Kinetic from Eurotech and the Ravi from Woodstock Marketing!

5.) Active Stools

Safco Focal Locus Stool

Last but certainly not least, active stools are a must consider for your private office interiors and collaborative work environments. With the demand for sit to stand desks and tables at an all time high, industry leading brands have introduced ergonomically correct active stools that encourage continuous muscle movement and provide an extra bit of support when working at standing height surfaces. Popular active stools like the Vivo from OFM and Locus from Safco will help reduce energy dips, improve blood flow, and fight back against fatigue.