Office Design: 7 Hot Collections For Your Modern Makeover

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jul 11th 2019

Are you on the hunt for cool office furniture for your modern workspace? You're in the right place! Today on the blog we'll showcase 7 fashionable collections that are ready to earn your interior the compliments it deserves. These furniture lines from industry leading brands like Safco, Mayline, and Bush Business Furniture offer the versatile components needed to kick corporate appeal into overdrive while simultaneously improving operational functionality.

1.) Mirella by Safco

mirella office furniture

There's no hotter furniture collection than Mirella. If you're looking for the latest and greatest, Mirella is the perfect place to start your project. This full service line of executive workstations, reception desks, and power ready conference tables with standing height surfaces is the total package. Mirella components in finish options like Stone Gray and White Ash are distinctive, bold, and refined!

2.) Medina by Mayline

medina office furniture

Technically Mayline and Safco are now the same company, but that won't keep us from showcasing one of the best modern office furniture collections on the market in 2019. The Medina line has been around for a few years now and it remains one of the most popular full service furniture collections. Why you ask? Medina offers the perfect combination of versatility, style, and value. With cost effective executive desks, powered tables, and awesome reception stations, Medina is hard to beat!

3.) Studio C by Bush Business Furniture

Studio C Furniture

Combine modern appeal and ergonomic functionality with a Studio C desk configuration from Bush Business Furniture. This hot line offers workstations in Storm Gray and White laminate finish options that provide plenty of wow factor. The height adjustable stations from Studio C make it easy to stay active throughout task filled work days.

4.) Verde by Cherryman Industries

Verde Office Furniture

Make a statement with Verde office furniture from Cherryman Industries! Available in Latte and Espresso finish options, Verde components are unlike anything on the market today. White accented hutch doors and modesty panels make for incredibly unique interiors. In addition to desks, Verde offers modern reception stations and conference room tables.

5.) Zira by Global

zira office furniture

When the average furniture collection just won't cut it, design teams and industry professionals turn to Zira. This fully customizable line provides commercial interiors with the modular components needed to maximize square footage and functionality. Zira isn't a cookie cutter line with limited possibilities. With Zira you can truly think outside the box to take work environments to the next level.

6.) Fulcrum by OFM

fulcrum office furniture

Here's another custom office furniture collection that's definitely worth a look! The new Fulcrum series from OFM offers affordable modular components in 4 finish options. The best part about this custom line is that it's fully stocked and perfect for businesses up against tight remodeling deadlines. Fulcrum furniture stays up to date with the latest trends by capitalizing on industrial vibes with metal accents.

7.) Superior Laminate by Offices To Go

superior laminate office furniture

Value, value, value! If you're remodeling interiors on a tight budget, this is the best modern office furniture collection for the job. Superior Laminate was just improved with a new Artisan Gray finish option that shoppers are falling in love with. Pre configured layouts are available to help simplify your makeover. Components are also available individually to ensure you only purchase what you need to get the most out of your workspace.