Office Design: Standing Conference Tables Are The Future

Posted by OfficeAnything on Oct 17th 2019

standing conference table
Mirella 10' Standing Conference Table

Are you looking for ways to take your meeting area to the next level? A standing conference table will do the trick! In 2019, standing tables have become the preferred choice of businesses looking to improve collaboration and performance in the conference room. Today on the blog we'll highlight the reasons why you should make the switch to a stand-up conference table and the hottest new options on the market today.

You're probably wondering why standing conference tables are so popular. Don't worry, we're about to tell you. Have you ever found yourself sitting in a long meeting? Of course you have! After about 30 minutes you were likely feeling groggy, fatigued, and maybe even a bit uncomfortable. Industry leading furniture brands like Safco, OFM, and Global knew there had to be a better way.

With the popularity of height adjustable tables in private work environments, introducing stand-up conference tables to the market was a natural progression. With a standing conference table, meetings become more engaging. When standing, your body is constantly moving and your posture is changing. This means your blood is flowing. When your blood is flowing, fatigue is reduced and you're more attentive. It's for these reasons that standing tables are rapidly becoming the top option for professional conference room makeover projects.

height adjustable conference table
Focal Confluence Adjustable Conference Table

So who's making the hottest new standing tables for conference room applications? None other than Safco! Their Mirella collection has taken office interiors by storm. Mirella standing tables are great for collaborating and staying active throughout extended meetings. A variety of size and finish options are available in addition to power modules that will further improve your corporate gatherings.

In addition to the Mirella collection, Safco is paving the way for this new trend with tables like the Focal Confluence. This height adjustable table offers an industrial look and unrivaled versatility.

safco resi standing table
Safco Resi Standing Table

The newest collection from Safco, also offers standing tables that work great in conference room applications. The Safco 1721NA model Resi table features an elliptical shaped top that's 65" long and perfect for smaller gathering areas.

Safco isn't the only brand rocking conference rooms with advanced standing tables. True to form, OFM was one of the original innovators when it came to kicking off this ergonomically correct trend.

Take one look at an OFM Endure table and you'll see what we mean. Endure tables come straight from the factory with powered work surfaces that are standing height. You'll also notice the addition of swivel out seats that make it easy to take a load off when needed.

ofm endure standing table
OFM Endure Standing Table

Endure tables are available in 4, 8, 12, and 16 person variations. A choice of Walnut and White dry erase operating surfaces are available. Endure tables are very durable and perfect for high traffic conference rooms where daily meetings occur.

modway genuine table
Modway Genuine Hand Crank Conference Table

The Genuine table from Modway is yet another example of an industry leading brand taking a stand (pun intended) for improved conference room meetings. This heavy duty table features a height adjustable top and retro-industrial look that's absolutely awesome. If you're really looking to make a statement, this beast of table has you covered.

We've saved our favorite standing tables for last. With advanced power options like USB and HDMI, a Zira series media table with 36.5" or 42" high top will transform your meeting area into a cutting edge collaborative interior that's ready to host interactive presentations and adapt on the fly. Zira media tables are available in a variety of size, shape, and finish options that pair well with both modern and traditionally inspired interiors.

zira collaborative standing table
Zira Standing Media Table

As standing tables go, the Zira collection is a cut above the competition. These tables are intended for use along walls to help maximize your available operating space. When paired with ergonomic task stools like the Vion, you'll be well on your way to an elite interior that's ahead of the industry curve.

The shift towards standing height tables is undeniable. More than ever, businesses are looking for ways to think outside the box in order to improve collaborative gatherings and team strategizing sessions. In terms of price, standing tables are about the same cost as traditional sitting height tables. That being said, the edge in terms of ergonomic benefits is fare more clear! Standing conference room tables will give you and your employees the edge. Make the switch and there'll be no turning back.