Office Ergonomics: 7 Products Designed To Improve Comfort and Performance In 2019

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jan 9th 2019

Don't look at 2019 as "just another year". Take comfort and performance to the next level with the right combination of ergonomic products in 2019. Today we'll showcase 7 workplace solutions designed to encourage healthy computing, comfort, and good posture habits throughout task filled days. These hot products from brands like Safco, OFM, and Global are the best in the biz!

1.) Focal Locus Standing Stool with Anti Fatigue Mat

Standing Height Stool with Anti Fatigue Mat

The Focal Locus standing height stool with anti fatigue mat is unlike anything on the market. This product from Safco is revolutionizing the way workers operate at standing height surfaces. The unit itself can be folded down when not in use to save space. When you're ready to work standing up, simply raise the seat and enjoy unrivaled ergonomic benefits.

2.) OFM Clamp On Sit To Stand Workstation

clamp on sit to stand workstation

Most of the sit to stand workstations available in 2019 rest atop desk surfaces. This can make them feel a bit unstable. With the 5200M from OFM, simply clamp the station to any surface and work without fear of your hardware sliding. This unit also makes it easy to transition smoothly between sitting and standing for just $325.99.

3.) G1 Ergo Select Chair

G1 Chair

Take comfort and performance to the next level with a G1 Ergo Select chair from Global. If you're tired of "out of the box" chairs that aren't tailored for your specific needs and body type, this is the seating solution for you. The G1 is available in multiple back heights, seat sizes, and arm styles starting at $490.99.

4.) Aberdeen Height Adjustable Desk

Aberdeen Ergonomic Desk

Rise to the occasion with an Aberdeen electric desk that transitions at the push of a button. Available in 6 designer finish options, these ergonomic workstations are perfect for the business executive looking to create an ergonomic interior without a sit-to-stand desktop attachment.

5.) Bush Dual Screen Monitor with USB Ports

monitor arm with usb ports

Still computing with a single screen system? It's time for an upgrade! The AC99832-03 model dual monitor arm from Bush works with just about any station. The USB ports located on the base of the unit make it easy to charge devices without the need to go searching underneath you desk for inputs.

6.) Atto Weight Sensing Task Chair

Atto weight sensing chair

Get comfortable on a budget with the best weight sensing office chair buy on the market. The ATT106B responds to the weight of its user to provide exceptional comfort and support. At just $225.00, this elite new chair is easy to love.

7.) Volante Heavy Duty Sit-Stand Workstation

Systematix Volante Heavy Duty Sit-Stand Workstation

Not all sit to stand workstations are created equal! This heavy duty unit from Systematix is ready to accommodate up to a whopping 45 pounds of equipment. Pair that with the ability to stay active, improve blood flow, and reduce fatigue and you've got yourself one heck of an ergonomic office product in your arsenal.