Office Ergonomics: Is Sitting The Enemy?

Posted by OfficeAnything on Nov 8th 2018

Office Ergonomics: Is Sitting The Enemy?We get it. The demand for standing furniture is at an all time high. To avoid the need for extended sitting sessions, office furniture manufacturers have been hard at work crafting height adjustable solutions that encourage continuous movement. That being said, is sitting the enemy? In 2018 it seems that more and more workers are becoming afraid of sitting in their chairs.

First things first, how long are you sitting for? You're likely waking up, eating breakfast while sitting in your kitchen, driving into work while sitting in your car, and drinking a cup of coffee from your office chair by about 9:00.

The good news is, you've been active between these sits. You've been up, moving around, and keeping your muscles moving. Why is this important? Because sitting for hours on end causes poor blood flow and fatigue.

If you rarely get up from your chair throughout an 8 hour work day, it's a problem. These extended sitting sessions are why height adjustable office products have become so popular. They make it easy to continue working while diminishing the need for those long office chair based tasking sessions.

There's good sitting, and then there's bad sitting. Good sitting involves healthy posture habits and computing sessions that don't last longer than about 90 minutes. Bad sitting involves hunching away from the back of your office chair with poor posture for long periods of time. Believe it or not, bad sitting can actually shorten your life span!

The importance of healthy sitting habits cannot underestimated. If you have knee or back problems, you're going to be spending at least a few hours per day in your office chair. Standing all the time isn't very realistic either!

Sitting is nothing to be afraid of if you do it correctly and take short breaks. Work to compute from your task chair with good posture. By keeping your back in contact with the chair, keeping your computer screens at eye level, and raising your chair to the proper height, you'll be able to stay comfortable and productive.

So is sitting the enemy? It certainly can be if you're not careful. Sitting for short periods of time with breaks in-between is nothing to worry about. With a professional ergonomic chair and a few good posture habits, sitting doesn't have to be your arch nemesis.

On the flip side, do your best to avoid those extending computing sessions from your chair. They'll cause even the best posture habits to suffer. If you're having a hard time remembering to take short breaks, set a timer. When the buzzer goes off, stand up! Walk around to get the blood flowing. Grab a drink of water to stay hydrated. When you return to your desk, feel free to take a seat. You've earned it!