Office Furniture News: 7 Things To Expect This Fall

Posted by OfficeAnything on Sep 16th 2019

The Fall season officially begins next week. In 2019 brands like Global, KI, and Safco have paved the way with innovative workplace solutions that took commercial interiors by storm. Today on the blog we'll check out 7 things to expect in the coming months. From bluetooth enabled smart chairs to cutting edge ergonomic products, the Fall season is going to be amazing.

1.) Smart Chairs

Eurotech Powerfit Chair

With the release of the Powerfit chair by Eurotech Seating, expect more brands to jump on the bandwagon with innovative smart chairs designed to refine the user experience. Bluetooth enabled chairs utilize apps to take comfort to the next level. Highlighted areas of improvement and posture changes make for a next level sit you won't forget. Smart chairs are currently available for around $700.00. As they'll likely become the industry standard, we expect this price point to drop significantly over the course of the next couple years.

2.) Modular Lounge Seating

Global River Lounge Seating

The demand for modular lounge seating is at an all time high. Brands like Global have made it their mission to maximize square footage while improving the visitor experience with collections like River. Modular lines like this one make it easy to think outside the box with guest welcoming area makeover projects. If you're tired of the same old lounge chair and sofa layouts, go modular!

3.) Mirella Back In Stock

Mirella Desk

If you've shopped for office furniture in 2019, you've likely come across the hottest new collection on the market. The Mirella series from Safco is nothing short of impressive. The popularity of the desks and conference tables from this collection were a bit underestimated by the manufacturer. That being said, Mirella will be back in stock in November. If you've got the time to wait, we recommend putting in a pre-order now. It will be filled by Safco in the order it's received. We fully expect Mirella to be back out-of-stock by January. This furniture line is beyond popular!

4.) Multi-User Standing Stations

Enwork Stealth Tables

When we started to see the demand for cubicles diminish in 2017, it was clear collaborative benching was taking over the market. Then we saw a major shift towards standing workstations. These two-trends fill be on the scene more than ever in the coming months. This Fall, multi-user standing desks that encourage collaboration and team creativity will be rocking commercial training areas and work floors across the country. If you're loving the vibe, check out Stealth tables from Enwork. They're ultra cool!

5.) Portable Power

Isle Power Tower

If your interiors are not power-ready, they're falling behind. The good news is, you can catch up without purchasing all new furniture. Portable power modules are a great way to improve the visitor experience, host presentations, and improve collaboration. From clamp-on desk modules to power towers like the one pictured above, it's all about having the inputs you need, when and where you need them.

6.) Adjustable Task Stools

Thesis Task Stool

With the popularity of standing desks and height adjustable workstations, the demand for ergonomic task stools is only going to increase this Fall. Pairing your standing height furniture with task stools makes total sense. If you don't want to stand all the time, an ergonomic task stool will provide you with ample support. Investing in a standing height desk and task stool is also a lot less expensive then the price of an electric height adjustable task and traditional ergonomic office chair.

7.) Poly Stack Chairs

Opt4 Stack Chair

Businesses are finally starting to appreciate the value and versatility of poly stack chairs. Once thought of as a cheap alternative to traditional guest chairs, polypropylene guest chairs are now an industry staple. Poly stack chairs like the Opt4 from KI are durable, easy to clean, and last longer than traditional upholstered seating. Additionally, stack chairs make it easy to reconfigure interiors and adapt on the fly to meet the needs of any situation. Wether you're designing a training room, classroom, or guest welcoming area, poly stack chairs are a must consider for any growing business. You'll have no shortage of awesome options to choose from this Fall.