Sit Smarter With A Global G20 Chair

Posted by OfficeAnything on Apr 8th 2019

Global Furniture Group LogoThe team at Global has made it their mission to craft elite seating solutions designed to encourage good posture and healthy sitting habits. Take a seat in their G20 and you'll quickly see why it's become one of the most popular chairs on the market today. The G20 offers the user friendly features and cutting edge design characteristics you need to enhance corporate appeal while operating at peak performance levels.

G20 ChairThe G20 collection offers 2 main models that both deliver throughout task filled work days. The 6007 model offers the perfect combination of form and function. This high quality task chair features a synchronized tilter mechanism that adjusts to the body weight of its user automatically.

G20 Chair BackLooking for something with a bit more flair? Check out the 6008 model G20 Cloud chair. It offers the same awesome adjustment features, but with a white mesh back that's sure to make your interior pop. No matter the situation, G20 will rise the occasion and perform at a high level.

G20 chairs are technically superb. Advanced ergonomic features make for a simplified sit that you won't soon forget. Wide sweeping cast aluminum lines with delicate edge details are carefully integrated with stylized nylon components to create a crisp profile. Needless to say, Global's attention to detail is second to none.

G20 Cloud Chair

As you lean into the back of the G20, the synchronized mechanism allows the seat to gently recline and side to the rear. The chair back is composed of alternating rows of clear elastomeric years and black polyester yarns that provide exceptional durability and support.

G20 office chairs from Global feature fully active lumbar supports that can be raised or lowered to suite the user's preference. If you're tired of sitting for hours on end throughout task filled work days, the G20 will feel like a breath of fresh air. Trust us, your back will thank you for investing in this chair.

G20 Task Chairs

In terms of price, the G20 will run you a bit more than the average chair. All factors considered, it's still a great buy and we're firm believers in the fact that you definitely get what you pay for. The 6007 model G20 is available in 2019 for $548.99. The 6008 model G20 Cloud chair is a bit more expensive at $624.99. If you don't need the fancy white back, we recommend saving the money and opting for the 6008 model.

Today you'll find nearly every chair on the market claiming to be ergonomically correct in one way or another. The truth is, not all chairs are created equal. The G20 is built for the demands of the modern workplace. These elite ergonomic seating solutions pack a serious punch with weight sensing mechanisms, active lumbar supports, adjustable arms, and so much more. If you're ready to sit smarter, there's no better option than G20.