The 10 Most User Friendly Task Chairs Of 2019

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jan 4th 2019

The new year is underway and office comfort is more important than ever! The demand for user friendly task chairs is at an all time high and brands like Global, iDesk, and Eurotech Seating are answering the call. If you're on a mission to simplify your sit, these seating solutions are a must consider.

1.) G1 Ergo Select

G1 Ergo Select Chair

The G1 Ergo Select chair makes it easy to customize your sit. These chairs are available in a variety of back heights and seat sizes that make for a refined operating experience that you'll wonder how you ever lived without. G1 Ergo Select chairs are cutting edge and built for the demands of the modern work day.

2.) Oroblanco

Oroblanco Chair

The team at iDesk has made it their mission to craft user friendly office chairs that don't cost a fortune. The Oroblanco is their flagship model. This mesh back task chair offers unrivaled support in addition to a built in guide card for personal adjusting that's located underneath the chair seat.

3.) iOO

iOO Chair

Take comfort and performance to the next level with the iOO chair from Eurotech Seating. While a bit pricey at $672.00, the iOO is undeniably one of the most comfortable chairs on the market today. Standard features include an adjustable lumbar support and 8-way adjustable arms, achieving the perfect sit is easier than ever with the iOO.

4.) Eon

Eon Chair

An industry favorite for nearly 5 years, the Eon chair from Cherryman Industries offers just the right amount of modern flair without becoming impractical. This user friendly tasker priced at just $295.00 is also a great buy for any shopper on a budget.

5.) Zeppa

Zeppa Chair

The MZ11 model Zeppa Simple Task Chair lives up to its name. This mesh back seating solution is practical, comfortable, and super easy to operate. Zeppa chairs are very well made and perfect for both home and commercial applications.

6.) Bush Multifunction Task Chair

Bush Multi Function Task Chair

Looking to skip the overly modern office chair design trends of 2019? The model CH57515K multifunction task chair from Bush Business Furniture is the way to go. The user friendly 3 paddle system works to make adjusting a breeze. With thick padding and a high back design you'll be at no shortage of support.

7.) Adatti

Adatti Chair

The Adatti chair from Safco is ready to serve as the focal point of any workspace. This flex back task chair is durable, ergonomically correct, and equipped with the adjustment features needed to adapt on the fly.

8.) Verte

Verte Chair

Prepare yourself for a little sticker shock! At just over $1400.00, the Verte chair certainly falls into the "luxury executive" category. That said, those who want the best and won't settle for less will find that this elite ergonomic chair is worth the investment. The Verte moves with the user and minimizes the need for adjustments to encourage healthy posture in the workplace.

9.) Atto

Atto Chair

Okay bargain shoppers, this next chair is for you! Coming in at just $225.00, the all new Atto chair from Cherryman Industries provides unrivaled value. This weight sensing chair offers many of the bells and whistles not found on seating solutions priced three times as much. It's definitely in the running for "best chair buy" this year.

10.) OFM Core Chair

540 Core Chair

Last but not least is the 540 model Core chair from OFM. At $279.99, this high back tasker with segmented cushions provides the same characteristics found on popular chairs like the Ergohuman from Eurotech but costs half as much! The Core chair is well balanced, distinctive, and sure to earn any interior an abundance of compliments. Standard features include an adjustable lumbar support, 6 way adjustable arms, and much more.