The Best Desks To Buy For Your Home Office

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jan 25th 2023

When selecting the best work desk for home usage, the most important thing to remember is that companies may make your ideal desk with something other than the home market in mind. While countless desks are, the fact of the matter is that home offices are quickly becoming more like real offices. That means you want all of the features that you may have otherwise found only in a more traditional type of desk.

We asked some of the pros here at Office Anything for more information about the best desks for home offices. They picked their favorites.

Top Quality Home Office Desks

Office Source StandUp Ergonomic U-Shaped Executive Desk OS247

When figuring out the best desk to buy, you’ll want to consider the type of remote work you do. Somebody physically moving everything from their regular job into their house may want to invest in a large piece like a u-shaped executive desk from Office Source. These feature an ergonomic design that might take up much room in your home, but it will undoubtedly help reduce the so-called tech neck strain caused by looking down at a screen all day.

Personal Stations

Office Source StandUp Tri-Top Personal Sit-To-Stand Station OS250

Heavy computer users could also invest in a tri-top personal station. The station makes it possible to stand and look upwards instead of constantly staring downwards at a screen.

Are you especially busy and want the best home office desk for highly technical or administrative jobs? Consider an executive writing desk from the Variant Collection, which is every bit as much of a work of art as a functional desk. These are excellent pieces for those who work for startup companies constantly trying to create online meeting spaces to collaborate with everyone online.

Corner Bookshelves

Traditional options are available for those who want the best office desks that still offer a bit of conventional flair. Those who want something small that can fit into a small corner might want to look into something like a corner bookshelf desk from Bush, which can easily replace more than one piece of furniture. If you currently have a storage shelf and a desk taking up space in a spare bedroom you use as an office, then you could swap them both out for this one piece and feel much more comfortable.

More Traditional Home Office Desks

Modway Panel Office Desk EEI-1321 (2 Finish Options!)

Regardless of your preferred style, you should invest in something that offers power ports or other technology integrations, depending on how you plan to use your home office. Integrations can make it easier to provide juice for everything you need to get work done.

Consider something that has additional space for a printer if your job requires it. These can quickly consume plenty of table space, so it helps to get a u-shaped model with an addition on the side that can act as a little shelf.

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