The Best Office Desks of 2022: Our Top Picks

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jul 6th 2022

The Best Office Desks of 2022: Our Top Picks

A good working desk can make any space into a work area. Having a good setup will ultimately lead to better production and allow for you to be properly organized and ready to start a new work day.

When you shop for a nice office desk, you want the best. So which desks are the best of this year, exactly? is proud to offer high quality, low cost office furniture. Whether you work from home or are a business owner in need of new items, having a good desk is now easy and affordable.

The 6 Best Work Desks of 2022

Are you in the market for a nice office desk that is fit for one? Or are you trying to fill up a room with a conference table?

Either way, these are the six best options for you.

6. Special-T Tables and Furniture

boat shaped conference table

If you’re looking to build a conference room in a timely manner, then Special-T Tables and Furniture has you covered. Their brand specializes in larger meeting tables and will ready for shipping quickly and effectively.

5. Global Zira 10′ x 4′ Two-Tone Rectangular Conference Table

10' x 4' powered conference table with two-tone finish

If you’re looking for a functional and stylish conference table, this Global Zira conference table is the perfect choice. It’s ideal for board meetings, team lunches, and more.

Made with high-quality materials, this table has a beautiful two-tone finish that will add a touch of elegance to any room. Plus, there are over 20 colors to choose from, which means the potential for personalization is endless!

4. KFI High Pressure Laminate Midtown Conference Table

KFI High Pressure Laminate Midtown Conference Table (Size and Power Options!)

For those searching for a more industrial farmhouse look, the KFI High Pressure Laminate Midtown Conference Table is the treasure you seek. It features standard, bar, and counter heights for optimal customization.

3. KFI Rang 36″ x 72″ Rectangular Standing Conference Table

KFI Rang 36" x 72" Rectangular Standing Conference Table (Available with Power!)

Let’s be honest, being versatile is important in an active office environment. This particular table has a standard height surface that can fit any sort of meeting room while also giving you the space you need to be on the move.

2. Global Zira 36.5″ High Collaborative Media Table

zira 36.5" high media table

This is truly the ideal table for smaller teams and more private meetings or gatherings. Another excellent choice from Global Zira that is able to combine designer finishes with a standing height surface.

1. Special-T Link 4 Piece Modular Table Configuration

4 piece conference room table configuration

Conference room meetings and training sessions can both be utilized in the same space with this multi-purpose, modular table from Special-T. You can separate it for smaller gatherings or combine the elements like building blocks for larger conferences.

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