Think Modular With Global River Furniture

Posted by OfficeAnything on Aug 21st 2019

global river furniture reviewThe River collection from Global has your lobby and waiting room makeover needs covered from top to bottom. This full service line offers the modular components needed to maximize square footage and corporate appeal. From powered lounge chairs to laptop tables, River is the total package and a must consider for any commercial welcoming area.

global river modular lounge seating and tablesHere's the breakdown, River is a refined seating series that is composed of modular linking chairs in straight, curved, and corner variations. Soft seating models are available with standard, high, and extended backs that provide optimal privacy in guest welcoming areas. The linking units from the River collection can be used together in limitless combinations to get the most out interiors small and large.

All River chairs feature unique tapered legs that are made of welded steel for durability. River's heavy duty construction ensures quality. Each leg is bolted directly to the frame. The robust construction makes for trouble free performance in any environments. All River components with the exception of laptop tables have the same leg height of 6.5". Elevated legs make for easier cleaning!

River cushions are fixed in place and non-removable. Perimeter seams feature a decorative single stitch detail which makes seams lay flat and adds extra strength.

river modular reception seating with power

Seating frames are heavy duty with interlocking plywood, puzzle box construction. River components are made for rugged, active environments where visitor levels are high and corporate appeal is a must. River seats are high density with highly resilient foam. All seats are equipped with a synthetic rubberized web suspension system that improves comfort.

The front edge or face of the seat angles slightly inward. This is done so that your feet have freedom of movement and shoe heels don't rub on the seat itself. This inward slanting matches the inward angled of chair backs. River benches and connecting end tables also reflect the inward angles on the front and back faces. This means all units coordinate in terms of visual appearance.

global river powered lounge chairs

Most of the modular lounge and waiting room components from the Global River collection can be ganged together with a quick connect/disconnect feature. Ganging hardware is standard and factory installed at no additional charge. When not in use, ganging hardware can be swiveled out of sight.

When you first look at the River collection, it's vast array of options and components can be a bit overwhelming. The good news is, pre-configured sets are available to simplify your remodel. With 12 available layouts, you can think outside the box with your visitor welcoming area without the headaches associated with remodeling your interior piece-by-piece.

global river modular lobby seating with powerWhat truly sets the River lounge seating collection apart are the integrated power and USB options. They make it easy for guests to work while they wait and charge devices without fear of draining precious battery life. Many of the modular seating sets from this diverse collection include powered tables or chairs.

Needless to say, River's attention to detail is second to none. From designer lounge chairs with power and high backs for privacy to attractive laminate coffee tables, River is a breath of fresh air in a world filled with overly similar seating styles that do little to distinguish guest welcoming areas. Let there be no doubt. River will earn your space the compliments it deserves on a daily basis.