What's New? Global Moda Chairs!

Posted by OfficeAnything on Aug 15th 2019

Global Moda Chairs

Global Moda Chair ReviewThe all new Moda seating collection from Global offers durable multi-purpose chairs that are great for collaborative work spaces. These upscale seating solutions are sure to be come an instant hit in an industry full of overly similar chair styles. Moda's unique design and versatile features will earn office interiors the compliments they deserve!

Global Moda Chair
Model 6965 Moda Chair

Designed by Sava Cvek, Moda chairs are fashion forward. These multi-purpose chairs perform beautifully in conference, training, and guest environments. No matter the application, Moda chairs are ready, willing, and able to answer the call and perform at a high level.

The first thing you'll notice about all of the chairs from the Moda collection are the poly shells. They're available in 3 attractive color options that can be used effectively to stand-out or blend-in with their surroundings. Clean neutral tones make for classy interiors that are up to date with the latest trends.

6964 Moda Chair
Model 6964 Moda Chair

Moda office chairs like the 6964 model can do it all. This poly chair is perfect for light tasking and gathering in corporate meeting areas. The contoured shell design offers just the right amount of mid-century flair. At $495.00, the 6964 model Moda chair is a bit more expensive than most of the polypropylene office chairs on the market today. That being said, it's extremely well made, more comfortable, and better suited for high-end applications.

6960 Moda Chair
Model 6960 Moda Chair

The 6965 Moda chair is a bit more pricey at $553.00. It comes with an upholstered seat that improves user comfort. The ability to select from a limitless range of textiles makes this chair a designers dream.

Moda chairs are also available for lobby and reception area seating needs. The 6960 model is very fashionable and comes equipped with a 4-leg base. The chrome legs are a nice touch that will make any interior feel refined and elegant. This Moda chair is currently available for $335.00.

6962 Moda Stack Chair
Model 6962 Moda Chair

The most affordable office chair from the Moda seating collection is the 6962. It's also our personal favorite. Why you ask? The 6962 model Moda chair boasts the same unique shell design as the other seating solutions from this collection. The main difference is that this chair is stackable! The 6962 can be stacked up to 5 high on the ground. If you opt for the optional dolly, you can easily transport up to 14 of these chairs at a time.

Custom options including hard wheel casters, wood legs, and ganging clips are available as upgrades. Needless to say, the options are limitless with Moda. While a bit expensive, Moda is poised for success in 2019 and beyond. Interior design teams are going to fall in love with this collection.