Modular Conference Tables

Modular conference tables for sale. Create a versatile conference room that's ready for any occasion. Purchase a bestselling modular conference table from Office Anything. Save up to 50% on a modular conference room table configuration designed to improve collaboration and operational functionality.

Our selection of modular conference tables for sale includes best selling layouts from Global, Mayline, and Cherryman. Here you'll find connectable tables for conference room use that make it easy to strategize in groups of all sizes. A modern conference table with an expandable top will help maximize your square footage. If you need help selecting the best modular conference table for your business, contact our space planning experts.

Choosing The Right Modular Conference Table for your Meeting Room

Conference rooms are meant to foster discussion and to make employees more productive during optional or mandatory meetings. These rooms can also double as break rooms in the case that certain areas lack space. In some cases, Human Resources and office managers will want to use these rooms to conduct group interviews with potential employees. This group interview would test candidates to see how they work in a social atmosphere.

There is no singular “right” table, but you do have to factor in office decor, size of the room, and purpose. That is why Office Anything has a wide variety of office tables.

Will this table service a large team? A smaller group? Do you want to factor in job interviews at a conference table, as well as video calls and special occasions? Or will you also host potential investors and shareholders in these rooms?

You have to determine aura. Specifically, you want to foster a nurturing atmosphere. Employees should have ease when talking about their assignments, receiving feedback, and speaking honestly. You want people to trust each other and rise above potential politics.

Consider also how the room is arranged, and what other furniture is present. You want a color palette that complements the room. That can be neutral, light or dark; in any case, you want visitors to absorb the atmosphere rather than notice it. They will notice clashes and contradictions.

In addition, you want each room element to convey professionalism and a sense of unity. Then you reflect in the workplace. The right matching decor can create a certain atmosphere, one that will reassure employees and visitors.

You also want a table that you can assemble or roll into the room, and where people can sit comfortably. Employees want enough legroom to sit comfortably. If your conference room is too big for the room proportions, people will notice. Employees will spend too much time squeezing in to focus on the assignment at hand.

What Is A Modular Table?

“Modular” refers to tables that are shaped like ellipses, a circular geometric concept of perfection. Ellipses are circular in shape and also double as ovals. We see plenty of ellipses in nature, such as with the Earth’s orbit around the sun. Thus, they provide a sense of comfort to people. In addition, neither an ellipse nor a circle ends. They continue in a connected loop, with no defined edges. Circles foster an aura of inclusiveness. When you sit at a circular table, you face everyone sitting, and you feel like you belong with them. The modular ellipse fosters similar feelings, that you are part of that loop. You remain connected, as you all sit together.

Professional Modular Conference Table Sets

Thank you for shopping our selection of modular conference tables for sale. Office Anything specializes in versatile conference tables. Our expanding tops and connectable tables make it easy to collaborate in groups of all sizes.

Here you'll find the absolute best modular conference tables for sale with free shipping. Our connectable tables for conference room use are backed by factory warranties that ensure years of performance. A modular conference room table configuration will help you maximize square footage and interior versatility.

Consider the Cherryman Amber 10' Expandable Conference Table. Cherryman is a reliable brand and provides a ten-year manufacturer warranty. Engineers made this table versatile for various functions. Choose up to six finishes and adapt to any necessary office decor.

What if you need more flexibility, say if you need to separate people into groups for special assignments or holiday games? The Global Total Office Flip Top Bungee Table Set has pieces you can connect or disassemble at a moment’s notice. They also come in twelve color finishes and bungee cords for fastening, which add to the flexibility.

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Our team of experts will help you select the best modular conference table for your individual needs and space requirements. The modular conference tables for sale here allow businesses to combine meeting and training spaces without sacrificing operational functionality.

Contact us today. We can recommend custom table configurations and modular conference room furniture with power options.