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Ergonomic Active Stools for Sale

Active stools are the latest ergonomic craze. An ergonomic perch stool will help you stay active in the workplace while simultaneously reducing fatigue. As sitting for long periods of time causes even the best posture habits to suffer, perch stools provide an extra boost of support when working at standing height desks and tables. We're proud to offer best selling perch stools and active seating solutions from reputable brands like Safco and OFM. All of our leaning chairs are available with free shipping for added value.
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Active Seating Solutions

Thanks for shopping our selection of ergonomic perch stools for use with standing height desks and workstations. Here you'll find popular active seating solutions that encourage continuous movement in the workplace, reduce energy dips, and improve blood flow. If you'd like help creating an ergonomic office interior that's up to date with the latest trends, please contact us direct at 800-867-1411.