Ergonomic Active Stools for Sale

Active stools are the latest ergonomic craze. An ergonomic perch stool will help you stay active in the workplace while simultaneously reducing fatigue. As sitting for long periods of time causes even the best posture habits to suffer, perch stools provide an extra boost of support when working at standing height desks and tables. We're proud to offer best selling perch stools and active seating solutions from reputable brands like Safco and OFM. All of our leaning chairs are available with free shipping for added value.
Active Seating Solutions

Thanks for shopping our selection of ergonomic perch stools for use with standing height desks and workstations. Here you'll find popular active seating solutions that encourage continuous movement in the workplace, reduce energy dips, and improve blood flow. If you'd like help creating an ergonomic office interior that's up to date with the latest trends, please contact us direct at 800-867-1411.

  • SA-4751BV

    Safco Zenergy Black Vinyl Ball Chair 4751BV

    Black Vinyl Zenergy Ball Chair by SafcoThis ergonomic ball chair from Safco boasts a durable and easy to clean black vinyl upholstery that's complimented by black silver feet. The 4751BV Zenergy ball chair is designed to encourage continuous movement in...
  • SA-4750

    Safco Zenergy Ergonomic Ball Chair 4750 (5 Color Options!)

    Zenergy Ball Chair by SafcoCool, comfortable, and affordable. The Zenergy ball chair from Safco is an absolute winner. This modern seating solution works great as a desk chair, or in group gathering areas like the conference room. The Zenergy chair is...
  • SA-4760

    Safco Zenergy Swivel Ball Chair 4760 (5 Color Options!)

    Zenergy Swiveling Ball Chair by SafcoEnjoy this new spin on the Zenergy ball chair from Safco. The 4760 model chair is available in 5 attractive color options including black vinyl. This swiveling ball chair promotes continuous movement in the workplace...
  • SA-FKS-1000

    Safco Focal Mogo Portable Perch Stool (2 Color Options!)

    Focal Mogo Seat by SafcoThis modern perch stool from Safco is great for both indoor and outdoor applications. The Focal series Mogo seat is available in matte black and chili pepper color options. This collapsible ergonomic stool provides unrivaled...
  • SA-FWS-1000

    Safco Focal Pivot Seat FWS-1000 (4 Color Options!)

    FWS-1000 Focal Pivot Seat by SafcoThe Focal series Pivot seat stool from Safco boasts a user friendly design that doesn't restrict body movement. This ergonomically correct stool encourages good posture and supports users up to 300 pounds. Choose from 3...
  • safco stand alone active stool model 5126

    Safco Stand Alone Active Stool 5126

    Stand Alone Stool 5126 by SafcoThe 5126 model stand alone stool from Safco makes it easy to stay active and engaged in the workplace. This adjustable seating solution boasts a large contoured seat with lower back support. The 5126 can be set to 10...
  • GL-9611-56

    Global Clean Room Minotaur Work Stool 9611-56

    Global Clean Room Minotaur Work Stool 9611-56The 9611-56 Minotaur stool from Global Total Office offers a heavy duty construction and mobile 5 star base. This easy to clean works tool is perfect for physicians, architects, and designers...
  • OFM-2800-CRM

    Height Adjusting Vivo Perch Stool by OFM (5 Color Options!)

    OFM Vivo Sit To Stand Ergonomic StoolNeed a chair that's ready to work with your stand up office desk? The Vivo is the answer! This tilting, rotating, and swiveling ergonomic stool from OFM can do it all. With it's integrated back handle, the Vivo can be...
  • OFM-2814-ATV-V

    OFM Orbit 14" Vinyl Stool (5 Color Options Available!)

    Vinyl Orbit Stool by OFMThis Orbit stool from OFM boasts an easy to clean vinyl seat. The 2814-ATV-V model 14" Orbit stool is perfect for group work environments and professional guest waiting area use.Features:Curved base on active stool allows you to...
  • safco industrial perch stool 5125bl

    Safco Industrial Perch Stool 5125BL

    Industrial Perch Stool by SafcoStay active with this industrial perch stool from Safco. The 5125BL offers a height adjustable design to accommodate a wide range of users and operating surfaces. The built in handle makes the 5125BL portable and great for...