5 Things We Learned From NeoCon 50

Posted by OfficeAnything on Jun 19th 2018

NeoCon 50 just wrapped up. It was an amazing event as always. We came away impressed, inspired, and rejuvenated! Each year the top furniture and seating manufacturers come to NeoCon to reveal game changing products that will set new design trends in motion. 2018 was no exception. Today on the blog we'll highlight the 5 things we learned from NeoCon 50.

1.) It's All About Collaboration

open concept office furniture for group collaborating

The buzzword of the year is "collaboration". Traditional cubicle systems create obstructed sight lines and make employees feel closed off from one another. They're built for privacy and limit interaction. Collaborative office furniture is the complete opposite. With collaborative workstations you can create clean sight lines while simultaneously encouraging employee interaction and creativity.

The collaborative movement started on the work floor. It has since evolved and taken over training, conference, and guest waiting areas. With today's collaborative tables and seating you and your guests can get down to business more efficiently than ever. Collaborative furniture is inspiring, effective, and a must consider for any growing business.

2.) Responsive Chairs & Perch Stools are Taking Over

Global Sora weight sensing office chair

There were a ton of cool new responsive office chairs and perch stools on display at NeoCon 50. Our favorite was the Sora chair from Global. This multi functional task chair comes equipped with a weight sensing mechanism that automatically responds to the user to ensure an ergonomically correct sitting experience. Needless to say, chair shoppers like the idea of adjusting less to get comfortable. Responsive chairs reduce the ergonomic learning curve and maximize comfort.

With the popularity of sit to stand office furniture, the demand for perch stools is at an all time high. Perch stools help avoid the need for extended sits without totally sacrificing the support provided by a traditional task chair. With a height adjustable perch stool you can stay active and at all levels. Perch stools are often portable and meant to be used on-the-go throughout the day. You'll see coworkers walking around with these in no time!

3.) Gray Office Furniture Is Here To Stay

gray U shaped office desk

Gray office furniture has taken over white as the most requested option of 2018. Gray office furniture is contemporary while remaining practical. Nearly every furniture manufacturer on the planet is offering desks, tables, and storage components in some form of gray laminate tone.

Popular Furniture Collections with Gray Finish Options:

  • Zira by Global
  • Studio C by Bush
  • Sterling by Mayline
  • Medina by Mayline
  • Amber by Cherryman

4.) If It's Not Powered, It's Outdated

Global Zira conference table with Oasis module

All of the best new conference tables are available with factory installed power modules. If you're ready to remodel your meeting area, a powered table is the way to go. If you don't buy a powered table, you can always add a universal power module later. The point is, surface level USB and HDMI inputs come in very handy during presentations and group strategizing sessions. Our favorite powered table line continues to be Zira from Global as it offers the most advanced input options.

Electric desks and tables that raise and lower at the push of a button are also incredibly popular. They promote sit to stand transitioning and healthy work habits. Electric office furniture is the way of the future. In the next 5 to 10 years it will be the industry standard.

5.) The Bar Has Officially Been Raised

ergonomic office furniture

It's safe to say that the bar has officially been raised. NeoCon 50 taught us that it's okay to expect more. We're just scratching the surface of emerging trends like collaboration, responsive chairs, and sit to stand furniture. Just when you think you've got the industry figured out, a ground breaking product is released that changes the game. The good news is, today's office products are all about the user. Taking performance to the next level, boosting efficiency, and encouraging healthy habits is what it's all about. Needless to say, it's a very exiting time to remodel commercial interiors.